10. Anarchistický festival knihy

Saturday, 27 May

10th Anarchist Bookfair

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The 10th Anarchist Book Festival will take place on 26 and 27 May in Prague, at Cross club and Zdena community centre. Entry on donations

We invite you to the 10th Anarchist Book Festival, which will take place on Friday&Saturday 26th-27th of May in Prague.
As in previous years, the festival will be attended by publishers and distributors of czech and foreign anarchist literature. An important part of the festival is personal meetings with authors, publishers, various organizations, groups and collectives across the anti-authoritarian movement.
Bookfair is an ideal place to meet, make friends, forge alliances, arrange collaborations and devise new projects.



Trhlina - what's behind the new Prague infoshop

Trhlina is a newly established self-governing community centre in Prague's Nusle district. We offer the anti-authoritarian movement and the wider neighbourhood a space for meetings, gatherings and public events. In addition, we run a Radical Library (the one from the Klinika, constantly updated with new titles), an archive of zines, magazines and other alternative periodicals based in the Salé Infoshop, and a distro where you can get books from AF Publishing house, but also Zapatista coffee. In this short presentation, we'll introduce Trhlina, talk about the circumstances of its creation, how it got its name and reveal some plans for the future. There will of course be room for questions of all kinds.
language: Czech
Nothing to hide / practical privacy with IuRe and NoLog
Representatives from the organizations IuRe and NoLog will present their work to protect privacy and freedoms in the digital space. While the digital-rights non-profit IuRe is currently highlighting, for example, the need to preserve cash and the "right to analogue" in general, NoLog offers tools for communication and the creation of shared documents that are a welcome alternative to the services of tech giants. IuRe will also present its print newsletter Digital Freedom at the festival.


language: Czech
Priama Akcia / 100 years of the International Working Men's Association

The International Workingmen's Association was founded at the turn of 1922-23. Today it is the oldest federation that brings together anarcho-syndicalist federations from over twenty countries around the world.

During its existence it has passed through various important periods, of which
we will discuss during the presentation of the Direct Action Federation.

The presentation will cover the circumstances of the formation of the MAP, contemporary debates within the International (e.g. the issue of rationalisation of work or anti-fascism) and will not omit the MAP's relationship with the Spanish social Revolution. It will also discuss the attempts at reconstruction after the Second World War, and especially about the post-2000 period.


language: Slovakian
Jonathan Eibisch - With, against or beyond politics?
Some theoretical insights of the anarchist term of politics

Is politics something that anarchists should care about, at all? In which cases and how they act on the political field? Is there an autonomous politics and what might be its criteria?

These questions are difficult to answer because our acting is shaped by societal contradictions. There are plausible reasons to critizise politics – even beyond statist institutions, political parties etc. For politics are continuously oriented at the state and monopolized by it, they take the form of a relationship of domination. Which societal domains are addressed by anarchists for their specific anti-politics?

Jonathan will talk about some insights he figured out by working his finished PhD on the topic. He lives in Leipzig, blogs on paradox-a.de and gives regularly workshops and talks on anarchist theory.

language: English
Anarchists and the Internet

Come and discover who really reads your notes from secret activist meetings!

Workshop structure
1. How the Internet works? Based on an interactive game, we will discuss its underlying infrastructure and ownership
2. Tech, politics, capitalism. Based on what we have seen in the 1st part, we will reflect and debate political implications of our technological choices.

FORK is a group that was created on the basis of specific needs that arise from the clash between our values (feminist) and reality (patriarchal).
Our lives are riddled with technology, from tablecloths to 2FactorAuthentication, but as women and other non-dominant groups, we are rarely the authors of what we use. The feminist revolution is teaching us that it is crucial to build our own autonomy, and we are dismayed to find that when it comes to IT, we are a little far from it, in fact, it is moving away from us.....

Among the topics we address are:

ecofeminism, understood as a shift from a patriarchal paradigm of exploitation and ownership to a paradigm of respect for the environment, where we are part of it, not owners
self-criticism, constructive criticism and radical empathy
promoting equality and breaking down rigid interpersonal hierarchies
feminist critical rethinking, appropriation and transformation of technology
promoting traditional feminine technologies (yes! let's love lace-making, textiles and embroidery!!!)
debunking techno-patriarchal myths
exploring new possibilities
bringing the problems of technopatriarchy to the attention of the people and especially the feminist movement
popularizing free and safe technologies among the feminist movement; providing information on ethical and safe technologies
creating space for collaboration among technofeminists
creating independent feminist technology projects and feminist infrastructures of their own
Encouraging non-feminists to get involved in IT/computing/security/networking infrastructure
fostering a culture of care for communications media and other technologies


language: English
Michal Trčka - The greatest Czech writer Jaroslav Hašek
Was Jaroslav Hašek more of an anarchist, a communist or just a bohemian, a layabout and an alcoholic without solid ideas and values? Did the Russian Bolsheviks eat children during the revolution? And then what about Hašek as a Red Commissar? Would Hašek wish to have Peter Pavel or Andrej Babiš as president? Who of them better fulfills the program of the Party of Moderate Progress within the limits of the law? A lecture without a point and without a decent discussion in the spirit of Hašek's cabaret performances.

language: Czech
ABC-Belarus talk on repressions in Belarus and current resistance to the regime

Two and a half years after uprising in Belarus against dictatorship of Lukashenko over 2300 people are remaining in prison for participation in different actions against the regime. Dozens of thousands have left the country to avoid prosecution and are now spread all around the world, many ending up in Poland. Hundreds of people are fighting in Ukraine to stop russian imperialism, hoping that this will open new opportunities for the whole region.

Anarchists are among those who were hit hard by the political repressions of the last years. At least 25 anarchists and antifascists are sitting in prison at this moment, with prison terms going up to 21 year. Many of them are under constant pressure from the prison administration while the regime continues to prosecute them further for the resistance in the prison or actions that happened many years ago.

With this presentation we would like to talk to you about the current political atmosphere in Belarus and in diaspora abroad, perspectives of belarusian anarchists as well as collect money to continue support of the comrades in prisons and their families.

Until all are free!


language: English


A2 is an independent critical fortnightly that reflects culture in its broadest possible sense, including social events and politics. It is published every second Wednesday and has 32 pages in newspaper format.
In its content and approach, A2 tries to create an alternative to the mainstream, the specifics of which it also critically reflects. The published texts have an academic background, but at the same time a punk approach - not only respected publicists, writers, artists, musicians and academics write for A2, but also activists, aspiring authors, students or prominent personalities of social and cultural events.
The editorial team's main aim is to conceptualise quality live art in the context of - other art forms, current world art and social phenomena. We are convinced that it is impossible to perceive culture separately from social events. Similarly, we do not shy away from political issues that are evidence of deeper cultural and social tensions. We look for works, themes and tendencies that capture our present more sensitively, accurately, quickly and poignantly than we are often comfortable with.

Active Distribution Publishing
Active Distribution began as a squatter bookshop in Hackney, London in 1989. It remained steadfastly DIY, non-profit and anarcho-punk influenced until 2007, when anarcho-punk lost its relevance for Jon. Active Distribution continued to spread the idea of distributing "all things anarchist" as cheaply as possible until it split into two separate organisations in 2018. Since then Jon has run the label from his new base in the hills of Croatia, while a collective of friends in Bristol have taken on the considerable challenge of continuing with the original Active Distribution. This year's stand will only include books published by Active Distribution and will therefore be smaller than the one you may have seen at the Anarchist Book Festival in the past. Along with the books, we'll be bringing a bunch of stickers!

ABC Belarus
Anarchist Black Cross Belarus (ABC-Belarus) supports repressed, arrested and imprisoned anarchists as well as social activists whose ideas and activities do not contradict the ideas of anarchism. Between 2009 and 2022 the group has supported more than 70 activists in various forms, ranging from paying lawyers and other legal fees to supporting the families and loved ones of the repressed.

Broken Books
Broken Books is a book publishing house focusing on sociology, philosophy, political science and related fields. We publish books by authors who have made us think. Now we offer you the opportunity to think with us. You can buy our books here or in any good bookstore.

Fairy tales for adults. The small Brno-based publishing house was founded in January 2022 in response to the lack of literature dealing with BDSM, LGBT, furry and other hot topics. Big publishing houses don't want to "spoil" their reputation, so they are reluctant to publish such titles. We don't give a sh*t.

Demotivační citáty
Demotivational Quotes for Every Monday is a creative group responding to the broad social issues of motivation, personal growth, careerism or workaholism, against which they contrast the cult of negative energy, burnout and resignation as a fixed worldview. It publishes independent demotivational booklets as well as other printed materials and anti-meditation aids, among which the demotivational diary has gained wide popularity.

Forged books
Forged Books is an anarchist-minded micropress from Greater Manchester, UK. They publish essays and studies in culture, history and subversion. They also run a regular book club through the database of the Anarchist Library.
Forged Books is a distro in the UK, US and CZ. We print dangerous book(let)s.

Iniciativa nájemníků a nájemnic
We are students and workers, women and men, married and single, parents and childless, who are concerned about the conditions in which we live. We have a history of activism, organizing and political work - and we want to continue with those who don't just want to look at injustice, but want to change it. It's not an easy struggle, and we are still learning it ourselves. But we are determined to work together to figure out how to improve our conditions, how to support each other - and we won't forget to have a beer together afterwards.

Nakladateľstvo bod zlomu (NBZ)
NBZ is a non-profit publishing project focused mainly on publishing
foreign-language texts dealing with the labour movement. It was founded on Spring 1999 and has been operating as a working group of the Direct Action Union since 2002.
The publishing activity focuses on both theory and practice, with the aim of furthering their developing and linking it to everyday organising.
Publications are available free of charge on the website https://nbz.priamaakcia.sk and most of them will be in physical form for a voluntary donation also at AFK.

In Neklid we publish books that would not otherwise be published here. We focus on left-wing theory and practice, publishing environmental, feminist, political, economic and related literature in translation and by Czech authors.
Neklid is not a classical publishing house, but is based on voluntary work, in which you can get involved.
Publishing books under the Neklid label is one of the activities of the registered association Svobodná knihovna, which focuses on education with an emphasis on social, environmental and cultural issues and on promoting and developing critical thinking.

We are the publishing section of the social cooperative Tři Ocásci. We want to publish literature, or even pseudo-literature, that reinforces radical imagination and an anti-system sense of humour.
The title Nevim refers to the Socratic shrug at the futility of trying to know everything and the flow of Tři Ocásci of never-ending shift and return. And last but not least, to the Zapatista movement that walks with questions together and slowly because the goal is far away.

The underground association Pravěk operated between 2013 and 2020 as an independent DIY publishing house serving mostly young, independent and unpublished authors as a platform for the dissemination of their works. To this day, some authors are still involved in the independent distribution of these publications even after Pravěk has effectively ceased operations. These include low-budget author books, fanzines, pamphlets, graphic novels, as well as music, mostly of fringe genres.

We are a Christian-feminist ecumenical group. We see the church not only as a community of believers, but also as an institution with political power. We oppose its power activities, which consist in linking the church hierarchy, patriarchal orders and capitalism. We draw on a variety of positions within and outside the denominations of the church. Feminism in our understanding means solidarity with the underprivileged, the oppressed and groups whose voices are not heard.

"Radical Theory and Practice" was born in 2010 as an informal network of volunteers who collectively translate books in their spare time, and in early 2014 it evolved into a publishing cooperative where relationships are built horizontally and decisions are made by consensus.
By publishing books on the history of liberation movements, social and environmental initiatives, alternative economic models, and political prisoners, we seek to inspire activists to new actions and move our society towards social transformation.
Our goal is to disseminate information as widely as possible, not for profit, which is why we make our books freely available after a period of time.
We are open to new contributors, collaborations with authors and other collectives, and are open to suggestions for translation and publication of suitable books.
All questions and suggestions can be sent to rtp(at)riseup.net.

Salé distribuce
At the beginning of 2012, an open library was established in the Salé info café in Žižkov, offering titles from Czech and foreign (not only anarchist) publishers and collectives. During the eight years of its existence, thousands of books were read and sold here and at the many festivals, concerts and streets where members went. The group around Salé, which is still involved in organising the Anarchist Book Festival and attending other offshoots of it across Europe, was forced to leave its base and continue its work in a different way.
Some of us began to co-build the cooperative project Roleta39, where the whole distribution eventually moved and began to expand. Also, the launch of online sales has helped to extend the reach of radical and politically aware literature beyond its previous circle of adherents, and normally unavailable publications are now freely distributed to all sides. The point of all this effort is not to allow you to be stunted. We will not keep our opinion to ourselves. We will not accept narrow-mindedness.

Sedmá generace
The bimonthly magazine Sedmá generace has been published since 1991 with the aim of reflecting the social and ecological aspects of the development of contemporary civilization and placing them in a broader context, whether political, economic or generally cultural. Our main thematic focus is on nature and environmental protection, renewable energy, alternative economics, organic agriculture, eco-evolution, human and animal rights and minority culture. The axis of each issue is the main theme, in which we detail more timeless phenomena and trends, such as sharing, slow living, plant rights, eco-sex or the plastocene. In addition, we regularly feature reports, interviews, book and film reviews or series on more sustainable consumption and media. In addition to the print version, 7.G is published in pdf, mobi and epub formats, and the entire archive is available on the website for subscribers. The publisher of 7.G is the branch of Hnutí DUHA - Sedmá generace.
The name of the magazine, which was published as Last Generation until 1997, is symbolic. Inspired by the Great Law of the Iroquois, we are convinced that if we as humanity want to live on this planet in contentment and peace, our actions must also take into account the needs of our descendants. And that includes those who will come seven generations after us.

Spink distro
An anarcho-feminist, anti-labor, vegan open-source distro that many conveys a single message: instead of trying hard to incorporate into a system that exploits us, let's just take a nap or a twinkie...

Utopia libri
The cooperative publishing house UTOPIA LIBRI was founded after many years of experience in cooperation on books published by Intu (2003-2007) and Neklid (2018-2021), in which we participated not only in typesetting and graphic design of covers, but also in editorial and proofreading.

Walden press
Self-sufficiency, sustainability, transforming the market economic model, climate protection or healthier landscapes and cities. We are currently working on titles with Czech authors. They will focus on cultivation and the phenomenon of gardening in the context of the Czech Republic, organic farming or sustainable, local and plant-based cuisine. For the period 2023/2024, the Walden Press team is also preparing several foreign book titles that help change attitudes towards the environment, society and ourselves.

The historical association Zádruha brings together those interested in the history of Czech anarchism, focusing mainly on the period between 1880 and 1938. The aim is to gradually uncover bits and pieces of the movement's history and to gain a more complete picture of it. It seeks to introduce the wider public to the earlier Czech anarchist movement through online articles, the publication of books and pamphlets within the framework of the Zádruhy Library, as well as through the organisation of lectures and exhibitions. However, he does not limit his work to research and educational activities. It tries to take care of the places associated with the movement and its participants. It is primarily concerned with saving the graves of former members so that their memory does not fade away.

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Saturday, 27 May, 2023 (All day)

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Metro C "Nádraží Holešovice".

„Stavíme se proti byrokratickému systému s centralizovanou mocí, který je sociálně nespravedlivý a dlouhodobě neudržitelný, bez ohledu na to, zda funguje ve státech kapitalistických nebo tzv. socialistických.


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As in previous years, the anarchist bookfair will be attended by publishers and distributors of Czech and foreign anarchist literature. An important part of this is personal meetings with authors, publishers, various organizations, groups and collectives across the anti-authoritarian movement.


  • book shop/info shop/library / discussion/presentation

Zdena is a communal space located in Holešovice. It is run by a collective, that tries to find an alternative to the commercial spaces and clubs.

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