General ASS assembly

dinsdag, 13 februari

General ASS assembly

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Come join our bi-weekly assemblies! We disucss future and ongoing projects, share ideas, update each other on what has been going on lately.
Any input is welcome, ASS is an anarchist collective. This means that we are horizontal, all voices and ideas have the same weight. Whether you've just arrived in Amsterdam or been around for a while, you're welcome to participate, or just curiously listen at first. 


Datum & tijd: 

dinsdag, 13 februari, 2024 - 19:00
Villa Mina
Kanaalstraat 128
1054XM Amsterdam


Presently squatted

ASS knows that the Dutch university has not always been what it is now — neoliberal and exploitative.


Every two weeks, we organise an ASSembly to welcome new people, update everybody, take group decisions and split up in working groups for those who want to take action soon.


  • actie/protest/camp / advies/hulp/spreekuur / discussie/presentatie / eten / bijeenkomst