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The first organic autonomous foodcoop in Rotterdam.

Biobulkbende is an association completely run by the members. Together we collectively purchase organic food from local producers and distributors.

In the context of the current food system, with all its flaws and vulnerabilities, we believe it is important to have more control over the food we buy and consume. Food doesnt have to be treated strictly as a commodity, access to food doesn't have to rely on impenetrable logistics systems, and overwhelming packaging does not have to be the norm. Access to high quality, organic and affordable food is very important for us, and we think that it should be available to everyone.

In 2019, we took matters into our own hands and started the first organic food co-op in Rotterdam.

Inspired by the Amsterdam food co-op Vokomokum, The Park Slope co-op and many others, our co-op is run on a volunteer-basis by all members. As members of this co-op, we all conribute a small part of our time in order to keep our co-op running according to our values: building a community, sharing organic food, sourcing ingredients that is are not produced through any exploitation of labour and are environmentally friendly. We source our fresh food from local farmers and suppliers from the Rijnmond region, while our dry goods and cans come from the organic food supplier De Nieuwe Band / Odin.

We come together every first monday of the month from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Wijkcoop010 in de Zomerhofstraat 75, ZOHO. People who are interested to become a member can join the introduction at 19:00.

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Every 1st Monday of the month, from 18:00 - 20:00 our co-op comes together to pick up our fresh, local and bulky orders. The pick-up day is more then just picking up your order. It's also a chance to meet other members and have an affordable vegan dinner cooked by our members. During the pick-up day we have an introduction for people interested to join the co-op. This takes place at 7pm sharp. Shoot us an email at if you want to join the introduction.


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