Feira do Livro Anarquista de Porto Alegre

Feira do Livro Anarquista de Porto Alegre

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FLAPOA, the Anarchist Book Fair of Porto Alegre, along with that of São Paulo, are the oldest in the territories occupied by the Brazilian State and have taken place
since 2010. This is a movement that has expanded throughout the continent, from Santiago To Salvador, Bahia, from Montevideo to Curitiba, from Medellin to Belo Horizonte.
This society that values the relentless pursuit of money and power is killing us. By literally and directly killing the marginalized population, with the genocides of black people and indigenous people by the police and the militias. Killing our hearts and dreams with isolation and depression caused by a way of life that brings us no realization as human beings.
It is not only killing us, but everything that is alive and the planet itself. We must stop the engines of domination and destruction of the Earth, coordinated by governments and power-hungry corporations. They want us to believe that that is the only and best way of life possible, ending any dream or perspective of a better life.
The Anarchist Book Fair is a breach opened at the heart of the system, shouting anarchy, giving encouragement to the values of mutual support, autonomy and solidarity. It is a space to expand these ideas and ideals, through meetings or publications, to find new strategies and tactics of confrontation, building real possibilities of transformation of the
world in which we live.
Anarchy exists only in practice. This practice unites us to the comrades that the State has kidnapped and kept in their captivity and also unites us to those who fell for daring to challenge the power.
To believe in anarchy is to believe in our ability to transform reality.
Participate in the Anarchist Book Fair of Porto Alegre! Bring your ideas, books, seeds to exchange, arts, materials you do. Subscribe your banking or activity on our site or by e-mail flapoa@libertar.se.
If you can not attend the FLAPOA but would like to send some material (books, arts, posters) contact flapoa@libertar.se


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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul
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