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Ateneo Libertario de Vallekas

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27 october 2018 - In these times of generalized apathy, political opportunism, new contestatory fashions coming directly from the university, from iphone and misery living together, in short, in these times where it seems that the molecular development of an amoeba is easier than any type of social change, we follow our own. Combating capitalist modernity, reformism and, of course, the State. Unlearning their values and practices, and working for the construction of free people. On this occasion, we are pleased to announce the opening of the new ATENEO LIBERTARIO DE VALLEKAS.
It will be located at Calle Párroco Don Emilio Franco nº 59, near the Nueva Numancia metro station and the Entrevias railway station. We are aware that we are taking possession of a space with an eviction process nearing its end. This circumstance only reaffirms our refusal to cease our efforts.
This new project aims to build a space for integral formation, at all levels: manual, intellectual, emotional ... for which we will use different tools such as workshops, courses, talks, debates, round tables, conferences ...

On the other hand, we also intend to form ourselves as a group to participate in a clear and active way in the social and political life of the neighborhood from a revolutionary perspective: evidencing the injustices of the system, encouraging self-management, direct action, solidarity among oppressed people, individual and collective awareness, and self-organized social action. We believe that it is only by starting from below and acting in the everyday that we can profoundly and radically change society. For no political party is going to fight for us.
We encourage you to get to know us and to attend the inauguration event that we will hold on November 3 and 4, 2018. Where we will present the project, at the same time as a fanzine on the ateneos and listen to an interesting talk about ateneos in Vallekas and another on the problems of the neighborhood about video surveillance and social control. The day will be accompanied by delicious artisanal beer, juices, vegan dinner and live music.


  • action/protest/camp
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • meeting
  • music/concert


Ateneo Libertario de Vallekas
Calle Párroco Don Emilio Franco nº 59 - Vallecas
28053 Madrid


Metro Nueva Numancia


Evicted squat