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The 13-14 opens its doors on May 13, 2014, closes them in october 2018.

Many neighbours have discovered in Vallekas that one of the many abandoned buildings in the neighbourhood is coming to life. We have occupied it. We take what we need and we do not want to delegate the management of our lives to anyone. From here we express our rejection of any structure that perpetuates the current system of domination: parties, organisations and unions. We seek to develop in a different way than that imposed by the democratic-capitalist system. Faced with a model that dictates what we must be, what we must want and how we must live, we propose self-organisation and disobedience. From the 13-14 we invite you to organise anger. We intend to create a place of development at all levels: intellectual, physical, emotional, manual... We want to encourage critical thinking, unlearn the moral values that have been instilled in us, and learn to relate freely to each other and to those who want to join in. We understand squatting as a sign of rejection of property, as a tool for conspiracy against capitalism and social democratic civility.

They will never evict our ideas! All struggle is now!


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Calle Párroco Don Emilio Franco nº 59
28053 Madrid Provincia de Madrid


Metro Nueva Numancia


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