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Le Maria Carré

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Squat on the 15 rue Salomon Reinach, opened in February 2020, evicted in February 2022.

Spring 2020 - in the last few months, a new squat to live has been opened in the Guillotière district of Lyon. The residents are single mothers, single people and families. The personal situations are diverse, but all come together around the same need: to have a roof over their heads, which the metropolis and the public authorities are apparently unable to provide. In Lyon, the number of people on the street is estimated at around 3,000, including 310 children and 700 young isolated minors. What is happening at Maria is an opportunity, but also the fruit of everyone's perseverance, hope as a banner, solidarity as a weapon!


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Le Maria Carré
15 rue Salomon Reinach
69007 Lyon


Evicted squat