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The beginnings of Gromka go back to 1995, when performers of various theatre groups decided to set up the ‘Teater Gromka’ theatre. Other individuals joined in and it eventually transformed into a club. The current Gromka collective comprises of a colourful bunch of literature, music and film enthusiasts with one thing in common: we love our Gromka, it gives us shelter and serves as a location where we can socialise and be creative. The little big Gromka is located in the very heart of Metelkova, and is different from other Metelkova clubs, because it is not just a concert venue, but can be organised more like a jigsaw. It can transform from a lecture hall into a cinema, from a concert venue into a lounge room or a theatre. Gromka is the patron of urban (sub) cultural practices, a shelter for music left with nowhere to go, supporter of political activism and informal education, founded on the good ol’ ‘do-it-yourself’ principles.


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