Offene Werkstatt Karlsruhe

Offene Werkstatt Karlsruhe

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Self-organized space to do it yourself

Whether wood, metal, fabric, electrical, paint, clay or bicycle, in the Open Workshop you can make, experiment, repair and learn new things yourself. We see the workshop as a form of communally organized commons. Here we want to share tools, machines, materials and knowledge beyond the logic of profit.

The project also aims to support people who have little experience in handicrafts, to offer a platform to share skills and to express themselves creatively without financial hurdles. We aim to provide a non-discriminatory space where resources are shared and learning is possible at one’s own pace. Depending on our support capacities, the space is open to all people.
Workshop of the future

Around the world, more and more do-it-yourself initiatives are emerging, in which a variety of concerns and problems are dealt with collectively. In these collaborative contexts – beyond market and state – a grassroots democratic understanding of living together and urbanity is tested and at the same time ecologically and socially meaningful solutions for basic forms of supply with food, energy and technology accessible to all are sought.
We see ourselves in this tradition and want to create a piece of jointly managed infrastructure with the Open Workshop. By sharing saws, sewing machines or welding equipment and helping each other with them, we want to conserve resources and contribute to a sustainable way of life.

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Offene Werkstatt Karlsruhe
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