Riot Over River Winter

Saturday, 25 February

Riot Over River Winter

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The event is organized by Mad Duck booking, Cross Club, people from Saturday groups Food Not Bombs Prague and the autonomous collective Vegan Burger Days, which consists of current and former members of Food Not Bombs from Prague, Brno, Liberec and other cities.

Benefitial festival for autonomous collectives fighting against Putin's crimes in Ukraine. 3 stages, over 25 bands and 10 DJs - STOP WAR! STOP PUTIN!


THE WILDERNESS - hardcore punk SK
STILL AWAKE - hardcore punk DE
F!CK BAD THINGS - fast hardcore punk HU
ERGOPHOBIA - crust punk DE
LOA - folk punk DE
N.V.Ú. - punk
NĚMÁ BARIKÁDA - crust punk
SCALP - hardore punk
S.P.O.T.S.- anarchopunk
V.O.H. - crust/hardcore punk
DEATH WISH KIDS - hardcore punk
KOMPLEX VINY - hardcore punk
ALTERCATION - hardcore punk
TELESA OHNEPAL - hardcore punk
THE SHIFTY GRIFTS - hardcore punk / ska
RIOT CHAOS - anarchopunk
THE PUBLERS - punk/ska
SPRINGLESS - punk rock

161 Techno stage

BBYB - techno/grindcore band
M.A.C. OF MAD - techno/hc/grindcore band
IOCI (DE) - techno/hardcore band
MICROCHIP live (DE) - Rezet Crew
MIDIRAMA live - Cirkus Alien
TmH Tranzit live - Tranzit Sound System
MRTY PESS - PESS Sound System
RAVING ZEBRA - Rave on Sistaz
DEILLA - Rave on Sistaz

Dub Against Fascism stage

ABASSTA - Energy of Dub
SATIWA - Energy of Dub
MAARA STEPPAS - Alternative Port
ONEHEARTMAN - Beatz Smokin Weedz
HALUZOMOCNOST - Haluzerecords

Food Not Bombs stage

FOOD NOT BOMBS PRAHA - vegan goulash, cookies, coffee
VEGAN BURGER DAY - benefitial vegan burgers


We want this festival with an anti-war message to be accessible to people regardless of finances. We will be happy for any solidarity contribution, recommended from 250 CZK / 10€ to 666 CZK / 26,66€. It's up to you how you can and want to support. If you think about how much is the optimal donation, how about 300-400? If you don't have a penny, come anyway, I'll be happy if you dance! We will not leave anyone in front of the club.

We donate your solidarity donations (after deducting costs) to help SOLIDARITY COLLECTIVES - an autonomous anarchist association of collectives from Ukraine, which actively defends itself against Russian aggression and helps everyone fleeing war. In the ongoing Putin war, anarchists are not left out either, both in Ukraine and in Russia itself. Their possibilities to reach material and financial support through official channels are of course limited...

  • "SOLIDARITY COLLECTIVES is a team of volunteers who previously worked under the name Operation Solidarity... "We are an anti-authoritarian volunteer network that unites several popular initiatives.
  • We help the Ukrainian resistance movement in the fight against the Russian invasion, we support the progressive forces in this fight, we help people who are suffering because of the war, and we spread information about what is happening in Ukraine.
  • We support anti-authoritarian activists, union members and rank-and-file activists who have joined military units.... We regularly receive humanitarian aid and deliver it to where it is most needed. These are usually medicine, clothing, food, sleeping bags and mats, gas burners, fuel for them and electrical equipment.
  • We attend conferences and debates and speak to journalists around the world to tell them our position - that everyone who shares the values ​​of freedom and equality should support our fight today.
  • Everything we do is only possible thanks to international solidarity. So if you want to stop Russian imperialism or mitigate its devastating consequences, which is already turning into a humanitarian disaster, you can help us!"

Punk, crust and hardcore have always been associated with clear political and anti-war attitudes, always on the side of the oppressed! 2022 is no different! Riot Over River is a punk festival that says a clear message: "Stop Putin and his war in Ukraine!" Stop his war crimes! We have no illusions about the Ukrainian government and we do not support any form of nationalism, but we clearly stand with the Ukrainian people and support their defense against Russia's war."

The event takes place in the legendary club CROSS - 2 minutes from tram and metro stop "C" Nádraží Holešovice, where night tram 94 also runs back to the city center.

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Saturday, 25 February, 2023 - 12:00

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Cross Club
Plynární 23
17000 Prague
Czech Republic


Metro C "Nádraží Holešovice".

„Stavíme se proti byrokratickému systému s centralizovanou mocí, který je sociálně nespravedlivý a dlouhodobě neudržitelný, bez ohledu na to, zda funguje ve státech kapitalistických nebo tzv. socialistických.


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