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Brunnmattstrasse 46a in Bern is squatted on 8 june 2019. On Wednesday morning, 19 June, the occupied house on Brunnmattstrasse was evicted by the police. After ten days of animation, the announced program can unfortunately not be carried out. Solidarity with the occupants and stay on your guard! The ideas live on!

In one world

which is characterized by exploitation and oppression,
where everything is determined by money,
where people work their whole lives to make a living,
in the companies, through the oppression of employees create immense profits,
in which there is an indifference towards the exploitation and destruction that is taking place by these very companies all over the world,
in which socially constructed norms prevail,
in which it is difficult for people to escape the striving for social and financial success.

In a city

where police checks are commonplace due to external characteristics,
in which neighbourhoods are upgraded by profit-oriented companies,
in which expensive apartments, offices and other rooms are created for commercial purposes,
where people with little financial means are displaced,
where freedoms that rebel against commercialization and control are cleared and fought,
where autonomous colored spaces are less valuable than corporate buildings.

In this house

we want to open up a space that doesn't function according to the logic of money,
we want to be able to meet to exchange ideas, to read and discuss, to initiate projects, to build and tinker,
we want to organize ourselves in a grassroots democracy and try to dismantle all hierarchies,
we want to create a space in which we can identify and combat every form of discrimination,
a space is to be created in which there is no compulsion, in which the may and ability take precedence over the must,
we want to defend ourselves against possessiveness and property,
we want to reduce dependence on powers such as the state, the economy and companies through autonomous projects.

Solidarity with Brunnmattstrasse 46a!
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  • action/protest/camp
  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • meeting
Brunnmattstrasse 46a
3007 Bern


Evicted squat