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the feminist library feministische bibliothek is an autonomous (= independent, self-organized) library. the legal form is an association.

the space we offer is just as important as the books, it’s there to meet, drink tea, do stuff together, discuss, exchange ideas and network. we are open for your ideas, actions and propositions. just come by or drop us a line. :)

we want the space to be open for as many people as possible who want to deal with feminist and emancipatory topics (see below for more: (1)space policies)
Unfortunately the library space is not wheelchair accessible (narrow doors, steep stairs with 7 steps). please write if you want to come to the library and want help or want access to the books in another way: fem_bib(at_ät)immerda(dot_punkt)ch

german is the language of most books. There are some books and more comics and zines (magazines, fan zines) in english and french.

in the fem_bib there are mainly books by and about women, lesBians, trans, inter, genderqueer/nonbinary/gender-diverse people, many novels, relatively many crime fiction books, some fairy tales and poems, then biographies and non-fiction books about society, work, feminism, sexism, racism, violence, feminist history, language, sex, sex work, art, science, feminist theory, gender and queer, etc. then some audiobooks, (queer) feminist magazines and movies. in total, some over 2000 media. so it’s small and interesting! mainly we get current books through book donations.


feminist library ★ @ sp!t ★ erlenstr. 44 ★ 4057 basel ★

contact: fem_bib(at)immerda(dot)ch


(1)space policies (wlinta* spaces/lgbtiangq+ spaces/other excluding space policies)

the feminist library space is organized by and mainly for for women, lesBians, trans, inter, non-binary/genderqueer/gender-diverse, questioning and queer people and friends/allies.
we'd like everybody to be aware of this and fully support it. we wish that everybody is/becomes aware of (male/cisgender/*white*..) dominance like body language (not giving enough space to other people or physically driving them away) and conversation behavior as lecturing, drowning out everyone else,  knowing everything better without ever asking, *isms, ...)
we are all socialized in this society, so we all need to unlearn oppressive behaivior. there's no "safe space", no space without oppression. but we can temporarily create exclusive spaces for oppressed positions to exchange and empower each other – this space can be an opportunity for this. if you want to use this space for an emancipatory empowerment group - come by, or get in contact: fem_bib(at_ät)immerda(dot_punkt)ch

*isms = all forms of discrimination/oppression like sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism, ...

more about feminism and related fights against oppression (in english): http://everydayfeminism.com/

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there aren't regular opening hours at the moment.

come and help with the library!


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