the frauen_bibliothek is an autonomous (= independent, self-organized) feminist library. the legal form is an association.

the space we offer is just as important as the books, it’s there to meet, drink tea, discuss, exchange ideas and network. we* are open for your ideas, actions and propositions for feminist stuff. just come by or drop us a line. :)

we* want the space to be open for as many people as possible who want to deal with feminist and emancipatory topics and with women*lesbitrans*- and queer*- friendly people. Unfortunately the library space is not wheelchair accessible (narrow, steep stairs with 7 steps), what we* really hate! please write if you want to come to the library, but need a wheelchair (frauenbibliothek(ät)gmx(dot)ch)

german is the language of most books. There are some comics and zines (magazines, fan zines) in english and french.

in the frauen_bibliothek there are mainly books by and about women*, lesBians, trans*, many novels, relatively many crime fiction, some fairy tales and poems, then biographies of famous women* and non-fiction books about social issues such as society, work, feminism, sexism, racism, violence, feminist history, language, sex, sex work, art, science, feminist theory, some about gender and queer studies, etc. then some audiobooks, (queer) feminist magazines and movies. in total, some over 2000 media. so it’s small and interesting! mainly we get current books through book donations, since the library is too poor to buy books regularly. several years ago, the jacqueline spengler foundation granted us some money for media purchases, which we used to buy some current media, especially dvds.

our* space policy is to open the space mainly for women*, lesbians, trans * and gender_queer people. people who want to come and do not fit into this description, have to be aware of this and fully support it. we expect that you* have to have thought about and are aware of male* dominance act against female* read people (space uptaking body language and conversation behavior as holding lectures, drowning out everyone else, knowing everything better but never asking, pretending you were the center of the universe, devalue femininity, …



frauen_bibliothek bs ★ @ quartiertreff kleinhüningen ★ kleinhüningerstr. 205 ★ 4057 basel ★

contact: frauenbibliothek(at)gmx(dot)ch

read more about feminism and related fights against oppression

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  • book shop/info shop/library
  • meeting

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frauen_bibliothek @ quartiertreff kleinhüningen
kleinhüningerstr. 205
4057 Basel


tram 8, bus 36, haltestelle/stop: kleinhüningen > den schienen weiter um die kurve folgen/follow the tracks around the bend = kleinhüningerstrasse :) nach 30m auf der rechten seite/after 30m on the right side = quartiertreff kleinhüningen