Υπόγα Κ94 - Peirama

Υπόγα Κ94 - Peirama

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The group “Peirama” was formed by a core of people with common ground their love for music as well as their need and desire to create a free space which would host independent self-organized gigs and other artistic ventures, as part of the promotion of the DIY scene and culture.
We know that similar spaces are rather few in Athens, while the bands and independent artistic groups are many and growing, so we decided to undertake the specific project and create a space of free expression and a common place for all those who see and understand entertainment under the spectrum of solidarity, self-management and participatory processes. A space for all those who live their lives against the concepts of profit, exploitation and commercialization, and stand against the blank, standardized and superficial expression which is foisted by the dominant cultural norms, aiming to our ultimate alienation.
Within the effort of promoting the DIY scene, which we primarily understand as a political action and as a way of life, we run the specific place with free economic contribution, which aims at the awakening/enhancement of people’s awareness, and therefore the maintenance of the space itself. We consider the participation of everyone in the project to be the most important element in order to make the concept of self-organization real and we have the ambition to spread these practices to as many people as possible; so that, in the long term, everyone will have the opportunity to politicize through this process and through the DIY scene. Moreover, we see this project as a living cell of the wider neighborhood and therefore we actively seek a healthy interaction with it. Each month, part of the money from gigs and other activities or events will be primarily given to people with serious health problems or other social problems, which are unable to solve with their own resources, as well as to solidarity funds for political prisoners. Soilidarity and self-organization are our strongest weapons and the answer we choose to give to the constricting social contexts imposed by the state and dominant structures.
Working strictly under horizontal and collective processes, our aim is to organize live gigs, film screenings, painting exhibitions, language courses (spanish,german etc) and other cultural activities on a monthly basis, offering to the groups which participate a stable field of artistic expression, through which they will ferment themselves while helping to the continuation of the project.
Important Note: During all the artistic/cultural events accommodated in the specific space, any racist, sexist, fascist or any kind of authoritarian contents are strictly excluded!

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Wednesday at 21:00, Post-punk bar


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Υπόγα Κ94 - Peirama
Καλλιδρομίου 94 Εξάρχεια - Kallidromiou 94, Exarcheia
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