105FM Mytillni self organised radio

105FM Mytillni self organised radio

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105FM is a self organised radio station broadcasting from Mytillni, Lesbos. We provide 24/7 progamming with music and different shows in several languages. In addition, we have a daily antinews broadcast that brings you local, national and international updates in Greek and English. You can listen to the radio, check out the programming or find recordings of previous shows on our website. https://105fm.espivblogs.net/

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The radio is broadcasting 24/7. Shows are mostly in the evening hours.


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Dienstag, 27 Juli

Mittwoch, 28 Juli

Donnerstag, 29 Juli

Freitag, 30 Juli

Montag, 2 August

Dienstag, 3 August

Mittwoch, 4 August

Donnerstag, 5 August