Bilboko Okupazio Bulegoa

Bilboko Okupazio Bulegoa

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Over the years, squatting has developed in different towns as another way of recovering their sovereignty. It is an instrument, a tactic and a practice, and a way of living the struggles. For a long time, in Europe and in other corners of the world, squatting movements have been a banner of the struggle against capitalism, making their contribution to the social and political movement of each people. Squatting, as a political tool that broad social sectors have made their own, is a way to confront domination and destructuring as people living today. An instrument to build a new way of life, to say stop to urban development, to create alternatives to private property and to put them into practice. By confronting the culture of consumption and the desire for profit, squatting, based on the revolutionary practice of self-management, is gradually removing itself from the grips of today's dominant economy.

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Friday: 18:00 - 20:00


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Zirika Herri Gunea
Erronda kalea 12, Calle Ronda 12
48005 Bilbo
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