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A “Training Café” is a work place that offers a vocational rehabilitation program. It differs from a sheltered workshop, the workers are in everyday contact with the public in a less artificial environment during the training process. Generally our Cafés offer training positions as bartenders, cooks, cleaners, etc. Occupational therapists and social workers support the clients during the training and guide the clients through solving various situations during the training process. The goal of the program is particularly to improve our client’s social and vocational skills, clarifying the rehabilitation goals of our clients and supporting their return to the open labour market. The duration of the program is in general one year.Green Doors’ “Training Cafés” focus on the work with young people in the early stages of  psychotic disease (up to 35 years of age). For people with severe and long-term syptoms we offer sheltered positions such as cleaners of communal areas, etc.  


  • bar/cafe
  • food
  • music/concert
  • party


Půlka (Café na půl cesty)
Centrální park Pankrác
14200 Prague
Tschechische Republik


Centrální park Pankrác (mezi ulicemi Milevská a Pujmanové) Praha 4; metro "C" zastávka "Pankrác".
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