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Blitz Booking

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Blitz Booking offers and alternative to the commercial music scene in Oslo.

The group books underground artists / bands from different scenes and places all around the world. Everything from hardcore, punk, hip-hop and ska. All bands playing here have in common that they fit the ideology of Blitz: no facism, no racism, no sexism, no homophobia! 

Blitz booking is a volunteer based group that aims at making music accessible for everyone. It is non-commercial and cover fees are there to cover the costs for bands and keeping the building running. Political engagement has no age limits, therefore the concerts dont have one either. Music is not only fun, it's also an important form of expression and resistance.

Would you like to contribute by booking bands or working at concerts? Come by at Blitz café and ask when the next meeting is.

Or are you part of a band who would like to play at Blitz? Send us an e-mail with information about who you are and a link to your music.


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Pilestredet 30
0166 Oslo


Former squat, now legalised
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