Caicocci Terra Sociale

Caicocci Terra Sociale

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What we dream of at Caicocci is an alternative system; one that contributes to the creation of local food self-determination and the re-formation of a united and solidary community.

The state property estate of Caicocci comprehends 13 houses and 190 ha of earth, and is situated at ca. 700m asl between Umbertide and Preggio in the Italian Province of Perugia.

Renovated with public funds, it was run for years by private company which has made holidey houses out of it, was later abandonned and now put on the alienation plan of the Umbria Region.

Inspiring ourselves by the principles of Mondeggi, the statute of the Teatro Valle Foundation, the national campaign Terra Bene Comune (Earth as Commons) and ideally connected with all the other communites fighting for the defense and recognition of the Commons, we claim that the Commons are spaces out of commerce because they belong to everybody, that is to the humanity in its entirety, and are radically incompatible with private interest in profit and income. The Commons grow from below and are the fruit of social relations between equals, and inexhaustible source of innovation and creativity.

We try to involve everybody from seniors to chilren, from peasants to city dwellers … because we think that the relations between common people should be the base of society and that every person has the right to participate in managing the territory and the future.

There is much space, which creates not only agricultural but also socal, artistic, crafts and educational opportunities. Apart from that to work on the self-management and to study the most appropriate mode to manage the Commons. A garden is being cultivated, chicken were brought, the houses and the territory are being taken care of and the sensibilisation events are being organized.

The houses have neither current nor running water, but a solar power system is being planned, and to use the sources below the houses.

We are looking for new people who want to dedicate their forces to the continuing social laboratory with the aim to take care of the Commons. Come and meet us in the hills: for an evening between arts nad food, for a workshop of the Peasant’s School, to participate in everyday life, for a day, a week, or even forever, if the other life is vain.

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più o meno sempre.

Giovedì e Domenica sono i giorni principali per i laboratori della "Scuola Contadina".


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Strada Provinciale 142
Località Caicocci
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