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You can set this to "Cancelled" for events that were already announced but won't happen, or to "Proposed" if it's not sure yet whether the event will take place.
Date & Time
Repeating events: Check the Repeat tick box and then choose a weekly, monthly or annual pattern such as every second Wednesday or every first Friday.
Canceling individual events: Exclude specific dates of an repeating event here if you already know that they won't take place. If you need to cancel an event that has already been announced, then change the status of that event to "Cancelled". It will then appear as cancelled in the list so visitors are alerted of the cancellation. Tomma värden för "Slutdatum" kommer att använda värdena för "Startdatum".
Till exempel, 2023-09-26
Till exempel, 05:00
Till exempel, 2023-09-26
Till exempel, 05:00
Varje veckodag
Varje måndag, onsdag och fredag
Varje tisdag och torsdag
Var vecka
Var år
Efter händelser
Till exempel, 2023-09-26
Till exempel, 2023-09-26
Till exempel, 2023-09-26
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Is this a national or international mobilization that requires featuring more highly than other events? This usually means that there are posters in info shops and social centers across the country and possibly also in other countries, and that wider networks will be mobilising peolpe to attend from all over the country, or internationally. Typically these are demonstrations, actions, camps, larger events etc.
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Groups & Locations
If available, the location is already filled in with the information from the group, but you can remove it and/or add another one.
Helsinki Finland

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  • Makamik
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