Computer Chess

måndag, 21 juni

Computer Chess

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COMPUTER CHESS * 2013 * Directed by Andrew Bujalski * 92 minutes * In English with English subtitles

In some ways, there is no other film quite like Computer Chess. But if you are familiar with maverick mumblecore director Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation) you will find that some elements return.... especially his finely wrought characters and his charming sense of humor. There is always something irresistibly quirky about his films. He is a pioneer of low-budget cinema which depends totally on its quality (and his talent) rather than the money spent to make them. Out of the entire independent film scene that has developed recently in America, Bujalski is a shining light.

And now typically Bujalski dives into a very very odd subject... this time around, he follows a bunch of computer geeks who are using the first computers that hit the market back in the 80s. How could a film on this subject be interesting? But once again Bujalski is able to take the mundane and make it strangely captivating. Shot mostly with an old-fashioned black & white Sony AVC-3260 video camera, this film has a beautiful nostalgic retro-feel resonating through it.... and part of its beauty is that we are looking backwards to the 80s from a perspective of today, where we already know how computers have radically changed the world. This movie goes back to a pivotal time when the future is still open.

Being an uncompromising film, and without giving into market demands, Computer Chess was partly financed by Kickstarter. It's a comedy, but a bizarre and awkward one. It has become a cult film and for many it was the undiscovered classic of its year.... and at Sundance it was a surprise smash hit.

This will be a high-definition projection of this low-fi treasure.
Tickets go on sale at 20:30 * Film starts at 21:00 * Visitors limited to 20

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måndag, 21 juni, 2021 - 21:00


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