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Amsterdam: Some reflections on the eviction of Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8

Last Sunday we were evicted from our home after having been there for 5 days. Here are some reflections on what happened. We had a small taste of what could have been when we made Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8 in Amsterdam our home. Even though the last few days have been hard on us, there were many moments filled with joy and hope. The support and acts of solidarity we received from old and new friends, comrades and neighbours have deeply touched us. After 5 days of occupation and what we thought was a successful public revealing of the squat, we were quickly reminded of what should’ve been so obvious to us; that there is no safety for people like us living under the state and it’s capitalist system. All evictions are a form of violence and Sunday was no exception. We have yet to hear all the stories and experiences surrounding the eviction, and we are only representing our own experiences here.

Who we are

We are people with political convictions, with a longing for freedom. Our struggle and our wounds are written and felt in our bodies. We are individuals with hopes and dreams, worries and problems. We squat for many reasons, both political and personal. Out of necessity, because we need housing, but also because in these acts of collective resistance, we create the space to feel free and find each other. Most of us are students at different universities, MBO’s or highschool in Amsterdam and around. Others with us are not in university at all- but would have liked to be- if it wasn’t for the prospect of crippling debt and the financial pressure to go straight into work. Like that of many people, our lives have been defined and shaped by precarity. Our housing situation is precarious. Some of us sleep on couches, in shelters, hostels or squats. Others have rental contracts ( mostly temporary- almost all overpriced). Student life is often described as the time of your life- But it is hard to be alive when you are struggling to survive.
​​​​​​​We also go to school to emancipate ourselves through learning, but the current situation makes it impossible to learn beyond the curriculum set by the schools. For many, universities are seen as the great equaliser, a way to get over the unfortunate circumstances you are born into, and it does work sometimes,- but most are left working precarious jobs even after they finish their degrees- just with more debt. We don’t start at an equal footing and socio-economic class intersects with other identity factors making it even harder for some to succeed. We are tired of being ashamed of our financial situation. We are not less intelligent because of it. For those out there who are in a similar position, get in touch, or set up your own assemblies. You’d be surprised how many people are in the same situation. You are not alone, we can support each other. It is when we come together that we can better our situation.

On the illegal eviction

We don’t believe in justice under this racist, patriarchal, capitalist system. We don’t recognise the validity of its laws, courts or authority. Nobody needs more than the house they live in. All property is theft and everyone that needs a home should take it from those that have multiple houses ( especially when they are not using them) Still, it seems worth mentioning that this was an illegal eviction. We are not surprised when those in power break their own laws; we quickly learned to expect it. We had been in the building already for 4 days and had made it our home, we provided the cops with evidence of this, see here: https:// Initially, when the cops showed up (pretty soon after we dropped some banners), they said they would respect our house peace (“huisvrede”) and told us everything looked okay when we handed them the evidence. Only to come back in the evening the next day. First 4 cops passed by to ask us “how many of you are inside, we need to know how many riot vans to send”. When asked what the reason was for the eviction we were met with a “you know” and “because we can”, followed by laughter. That Sunday we had invited people over to come help support and clean up the place. Many people came and spend hours with us cleaning pigeon shit, donating furniture and generally working on making the places even more homely. Although we kept the possibility in the backs of our minds, we did not expect the police would proceed with a speed eviction on this day – maybe naively so. This led to panic and distress with the people inside at the moment the cops showed up that were not aware of the reality of squatting. Our friends, comrades and sympathetic neighbours were beaten and dragged away by riot cops. The police came with the special unit to evict buildings, the BraTra (Brand en Traangas Eenheid). Inside the building the BraTra and ME choose to act in a way that put peoples lives in danger. The BraTra being the tools of monopolised violence they are, proceeded to use a chainsaw to cut out a part of our floor. Whilst not being warned we saw the tip of the blade penetrate trough the floor, close to cutting someone’s foot. We were lucky to notice this and could pull the person away. This action by the BraTra could have resulted in us falling trough the floor or the floor to come down. After this attempt failed they proceeded cutting the supports of the blocked stairs, putting everyone in danger. When the BraTra eventually did manage to get up we were in a corner of the room. We realised we had to succumb to their force and we told them we would cooperate. At that moment one particularly ugly and angry looking pig thought it was necessary to pick up a metal pipe and hit our femme comrade on her back with it while also kneeling on her back and neck. We are not surprised but are disgusted by the acts of the police to evict this building (with brute force) for the benefit of capitalist oppressors. Our experiences are of course in no way exceptional, many have experienced much worse. The institution of the police is inherently racist, sexist, ableist and classist. The law doesn’t work for us and as they have proven again and again, cops are there to protect private property not people. Fuck the law, squat the world.

Fuck your basement swimming pool

We were told by several neighbours that the reason the building has been empty so long is because the owner is trying to but failed to get a permit to built a swimming pool in his basement. This goes without saying, but we don’t give a shit about your basement swimming pool. Where you see a swimming pool we see a place that can house more than 30 people.

Why we squatted Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8: reversed gentrification now.

We hanged a banner from the squat stating : niet wijken voor de rijken (don’t make space for the rich). We didn’t come to this neighbourhood to make friends with the rich, we came to agitate. The Vondelbuurt is one of the richest neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Vondelpark was built for the rich, but we believe we deserve nice parks too. we didn’t expect neighbours to be sympathetic, eventhough some were. Others were not. When the rich got air of our presence, they stuck up their noses and moved their expensive cars away. They pulled their children from their windows and called the cops. It brings us joy to know that we make them feel unsafe. We propose a project of reverse gentrification: They push us out of our neighbourhoods, we take over theirs. Make the rich feel afraid again. On an unrelated note, the social peace can be broken as easily as the law. Anyone can take action to disturb the sleep of those that oppress us.

We are told that we should respect private property (‘je moet gewoon met je tengels van andermans spullen afblijven’)like it is some kind of natural given, but what has that ever done to benefit us? Change doesn’t come when we ask for it nicely, we have to fight for it. When we squat we reclaim our unpaid wages. We make use of a space that someone clearly doesn’t need. It is only called theft when it benefits the poor, if the rich steal they call it profit, inheritance, rent, etc. This neighbourhood is a nest of old money, why would they deserve to live alone in these huge houses while it is the working class that created the luxury’s they use.

On the lies of AT5, why we choose to represent ourselves

In the words of the journalist student that came to the squat on Sunday: “my only way to get involved and ask questions was to […] start mopping the floor.” Our lives are not study objects. Journalistic objectivity is a farce. When a journalist from AT5 came by and asked us if we wanted to do an interview we told her where she could find our statement. She told us that surely we wanted to speak to her and “get our point across”. Failing to notice that ‘our point’ was right in front of her. The beautiful thing about direct action is that you do not make any demands from politicians or the state, you are not ‘raising awareness’ instead you tackle the problem directly. Squatting and making use of the place is the point. Later, during the eviction, at5 was there again asking people to do an interview. One of us outside did offer to speak to them. A person who was born in the Netherlands and speaks fluent Dutch, was then told by At5 they didn’t want to speak to them (probably because they were not white or posh enough) because At5 was “looking for someone who has a better comprehension of the Dutch language.” We represent ourselves, we don’t owe you shit, we speak to the people we want to speak to- who understand and can relate to our struggle. We let our actions speak for us, and suggest you do the same. We want a free world, not an article on your website. Our struggle for housing is not your next edgy art project. Our violent eviction is not a spectacle to live stream. For those that are sympathetic, get your hands dirty, get involved. Understand that our struggle for freedom is linked to yours- if you cannot see this, if you are looking for objectivity in a world that is not equal, we have nothing to say to you. We are tired of explaining to those that return to the comfort of their beautiful houses every night- why we do what we do. AT5 did not speak to those that lived around that showed their support. Those brought us food and put their bodies on the line to stop the evictions.

Flinta ( FEM, intersex, non-binary, trans, agender) people have always be on the front line.

This action was mostly organised and done by Flinta people, those at the front line were young people and flinta people. We have always been on the frontline fighting for our own liberation. We fight back because safety was never an option we could pick. We know what it means not to be safe. Not to be able to leave an abusive family, parent, partner, situation.. simply because we couldn’t (financially) afford to do so. Young, queer and flinta people were there on the front line, risking their feet against chainsaws.

Why we need to resist evictions / create a culture of resistance

Our evictions are not spectacles. Our barricades are not gestures. We do not squat because it is legally possible, we squat because there is a material need for housing. No matter how many times they evict us, as long as our need for housing is not solved we are forced to continue fighting for our own solutions. We need to create a culture of resisting evictions. Every time a place is evicted 3 new buildings must be opened in its place. Every evictions should be met with a demonstration through the streets, involving the neighbours who support our actions. We invite those, who nostalgically brag about the heydays of squatting, to get out of their legalised places and into the streets. To share their knowledge and skills. This is not the time to talk about free spaces and counter culture, this is the time for a broader anti-capitalist housing struggle in which squatting can play an important role. Get involved, share you knowledge.

You’ll hear from us again; we’ll continue to be a pain in the ass.

A.S.S. (Autonomous Student Struggle)
Amsterdam, 20 January 2022

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Amsterdam: Statement Squatting action Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8

In the last few months many have been taking action as part of a broader housing struggle. The recent housing demonstrations have revealed that we are massive in numbers, and that there is a urgent need for affordable housing, but the political system is incapable of real and meaningful change.

There is a growing awareness that this struggle needs to be anti-capitalist. A respect for a diversity of tactics is essential in this fight. Housing struggle is class war. We continue this fight here, by collectively taking back a space from those in power. All the wealth in the world is created by the workers, today we take back what is ours, lets bring back the commons.

We have squatted Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8, and we will use it as a home for houseless students and a political space for Autonomous Student Struggle. In this space, we want to share knowledge that doesn’t rely on opressive power structures and to actively organise against capitalism and the state, for a free world where everyone can live meaningful and fulfilling lives. We are not free until everyone is free.

The housing ‘crisis’ doesn’t exist, scarcity of housing is a myth -the problem is the unequal distribution of wealth. The problem is capitalism. When we squat, we don’t ask politicians to secure our housing needs: we do it ourselves! Rent is theft, all housing should be free, we want a world without private property.

Many of us are left without a roof above our heads and many more struggle to pay continously rising rent. Social housing is being sold off into private ownership, to investors who are given free range to do as they please. The lack of affordable housing means being excluded from life in the city and denied a basic right to housing. We will make no demands to politicians, they have nothing to offer us.
We have to speak to our oppressors from a position of power, not beg them to throw us some crumbs. The city belongs to all that live in it and we have to take it back however we can.

We defy their laws and squat despite of criminalisation, we might be met with repression- but it is when we act freely despite what is legally allowed that we realise what is possible. If we don’t try we have already lost. We are many and they are few. Let’s let our actions speak for us, let’s show that we can build structures outside of and against the state that give practical meaning to peoples lives.

Our actions must serve to extend the networks of solidarity, to contribute to the construction of a society based on mutual aid, to destroy all authority. It is in these moments that we get together and experience our collective power, that we can imagine what could be possible. It is these moments that allow us to dream.

ASS (Autonomous Student Struggle)
Amsterdam, 15 January 2022

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London: Learn how to use the events calendar

Online workshop, saturday 15 january 2022, from 13:00 to 15:00,

London is a radical city, full of events taking place, but people don’t know where the hell to find them unless they’re already part of certain groups on facebook and the like.
Social media websites rely on people becoming part of social circles and targeting people based on their interests. But it’s left to the algorithms as to whether you might see an event or activity come up. Even your searches are affected by these algorithms.

The number of people that have arrived in London not knowing what’s going on or where to find radical/anarchist events is somewhat shameful. And the thing is that a resource already exists, and is put to great use in many locations across the globe.
Radar ( is a great resource, a really powerful events calendar that people can use to find events, and to advertise them to people that are interested and looking (rather than spamming thousands of people on social media that won’t pay it no mind). However it is hardly used in London, or in the UK, compared to other European countries.

This event is intended to change that. To introduce people to Radar, how it works, why it’s better than privacy-invading social media (for finding events let alone for security reasons), and how to go about setting up accounts and events. Despite the name, it is not just for squatters, or events taking place in squats – it is for all those who feel their activities fit an anarchist or counter-cultural purpose. The more groups and individuals that start to use Radar, the more comprehensive a calendar of radical events in London we can advertise.

Additionally, because squats in the UK get evicted so quickly, it is difficult to build the sort of longevity or structure that other cultural squats across Europe benefit from. Yet there are many people who have been living this way for years. Because of the speed with which squats are evicted, and with London particularly being a very transient city for a lot of people, crews also very rarely remain together in one single format, with people fluidly moving between crews. The notion of a permanent squat crew then is less of a thing and to create a group for every iteration of a crew seems complicated. To make Radar more useful, we have devised a group for posting one-off events that don’t rely on having an affiliated organisation to post them to. This will be covered in the workshop.

Due to Covid this will be an online workshop, we will use Jitsi – an open-source video-conferencing software. It is entirely free, and able to be run from a browser without software, or from an app on your smartphone.

If using a smartphone you can download the Jitsi Meet app from the Play Store, Apple Store, or from the open-source F-Droid.

Otherwise you can use a browser without any software download. Join us at:
There will be no password, as we wish anyone to be able to join, and we will not be discussing anything compromising, but please feel free to anonymise yourself and keep your webcam off if you are concerned for your privacy.

We hope to see you there, and to start building a culture of making radical events accessible to radical people in London!

Due to this workshop clashing with the Kill The Bill demo another one will be run in a couple of weeks for those that miss out this time.

London Squat Events is a group for anyone to post their events to – if an event appears on here it is not hosted by any group called London Squat Events. The idea for this group then is for squatters to be able to create a user on, head over to this group, and from there they can post up the details of any events taking place at their squat, and just add the details accordingly.

London Squat Events

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Thessaloniki: gathering in solidarity with those arrested during the eviction of the new occupation

In the early morning of Wednesday 12 January at 05:45 am, once again, masked security guards approach the space occupied on Monday 10 in solidarity with the eviction of the occupation of the sketi at the biological building, which took place on new year’s eve, while at the same time police vans are lined up in the streets around the university campus and riot cops invade the campus. The squat was guarded by comrades, who defended it with dignity. The known garbage of repression, with their known murderous intentions, sought to drown the occupiers with tear gas and by using stun grenades in a space where they did not even know what materials were left over from the former use of the space as a pharmaceutical laboratory. Of course we have no doubt that ridiculous and misleading narratives will be played out by the state and the media about the materials that were already in the space and the destruction that the cops themselves caused in their rage when they invaded the space, smashing windows and walls. Besides, it seems that the cops’ sledgehammers have the magical property of making the spaces usable for the university and student community…

We will continue to find space(s) in your rotten society and we will not stop for a moment to stand with the comrades who are persecuted.

We call for a solidarity gathering at the Thessaloniki courts on Thursday 13/1 at 09.00 and for solidarity with the steki at Biologica and the squats that are being attacked by the state.





Steki Biologica, Solidarity Fund of imprisoned and persecuted militants (Thessaloniki Assembly), Biologica.

Ταμείο Αλληλεγγύης (Tameio, solidarity fund for prisoners)
tameio [at] espiv [dot] net

No eviction will go unanswered

On Wednesday 12 January at dawn, the cops, consisting of uniformed and non-uniformed forces, once again invaded the campus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and evicted the new occupation behind the Chemistry Department, which took place on Monday 10 January. During the eviction, the cops used stun greandes and tear gas against the people inside defending the occupation and vandalized it. The comrades were arrested, charged with misdemeanors and will be arraigned tomorrow, Thursday 13 January.

From the very first moment the informers took over their work. False reproduction of facts, false news. They show pictures of the occupation broken and destroyed by the cops, stating that the damage was done by the occupiers. But we are not getting trap as we all know the role of the media…

In front of us is once again the rectorate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki which in recent years has tended to become the new police headquarters in the city. After the order to evict the Terra Incognita squat in August 2020 and the steki Biologica in December 2021, the Papaioannou gang takes another step by opening the gates of the campus to welcome their colleagues in uniform, proceeding to a new eviction. It wants to assure us that it will not allow “arbitrary and illegal acts by fringe elements” to exist inside the university. We, on the other hand, assure him that nothing is over and nothing is dying. We are here and will continue to exist in new occupied spaces, in the streets, next to all the insurgents of the earth.

We were, are and will be squatters for life.

To understand the real, to make our lives a threat again.

Squatting is the past, present and future of the struggle for freedom.

And we are flesh of their flesh.

Gathering in solidarity with those arrested during the eviction of the occupation inside the Chemistry Department.

Thursday 13 january at 09:00 at the courts of Thessaloniki

No one is alone against the repressive rage of the state

Terra Incognita
Thessaloniki, Greece

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Thessaloniki (Greece): Eviction of Biologica squat & Call for solidarity week, 10-17 January 2022

The state, cops and university lackies decided on 31 December 2021 to realize an eviction that has already been announced the previous months. After unofficial threats for an upcoming eviction of the Biologica squat during the previous years, in September a project agreement was signed and assigned to a contractor, with the aim of “remodeling” and “utilizing” the spaces on the ground floor of the Biology building where the squat used to be. In the plans, of course, they included the squatted area with the intention of demolishing the surrounding walls and turning it into a secretariat room and a waiting room. In New Year’s Eve as in the long gone 1992 – at that time they built the door of the squat – the university campus is surrounded by police forces while underground cops are moving towards the area of the squat. They invaded our liberated ground and after conducting a thorough search, while destroying anything that was in the squat, they took pictures of their “grand” findings and they gave the space to the workers to finish off the first stage of their plan, the demolition of the walls. After their intervention all of the ground floor appeared to be vandalized. We never doubted the pure hate of the state, cops and university lackies towards liberated spaces.

Thessaloniki’s assembly of the Solidarity Fund for Imprisoned, Persecuted Revolutionaries found a home between these walls in 2016. During all these years the squat has been the starting point of struggles and solidarity actions for imprisoned and persecuted companions, both from the structure of the Solidarity Fund and from other groups and individuals with a central idea to resist the state and capitalist barbarism and stench and defend the prisoners of this war. Political and cultural events, book presentations and self-organized bookstores, screenings, collective kitchens and workshops, local and panhellenic assemblies, bars and concerts for the financial support of political prisoners or to cover court expenses … A few words cannot describe the political bonds, trust and companionship that developed within these walls that we found demolished. This demolition cannot destroy them, as they are our way of life and memories which are reflected in our every thought and action.

The act of eviction itself works for us as a reminder of a war that we never actually forgot was raging. Targeting comrades, persecutions, arrests and tortures, repression in all the ways possible and whatever cost as well as control with upgraded means are some parts of the rotten society in which we live, yet we have consciously chosen to continue to resist and fight side by side. Squats are the starting points of this war and as it seems they do whatever they can to leave us without structures to prepare our counterattack.

State, rectors and academics, cops and other pieces of trash that state their relief after the eviction of squats, praise the success of the law-abiding state and the successful protection of the blessed trinity of law, order and security have apparently failed to mention the above correlations with the attack on the social base, which at the level of higher education was done through the abolition of asylum, and recently through the passage of the new anti-education bill (n.4777), sealing the depoliticization and demise of the university and the devaluation of student and non-student lives.

As long as we keep on fighting, we are not defeated… we create lawless reference points, relationships build on trust and solidarity structures. We have long chose a side in this war.

PS1. Papaioannou you have no reason to thank the government and sleep peacefully.
PS2. Solidarity means attack.


Solidarity Fund for Imprisoned and Persecuted Revolutionaries

Ghent: Will the Pand be sold to the highest bidder?

Three times squatted against privatisation!

On 19 December 2021, two weeks after the last eviction, we resquatted the heart of Ghent (Belgium)! Out of political necessity, because once again the voice of the people is ignored and the city and its puppets want to sell the Caermersklooster to the highest bidder.

For more than forty years, the building has symbolised the struggle of ordinary inhabitants of Ghent for the preservation of their public property and right to live in dignity. Opposite them is the interest of private investors and speculators, mainly interested in buying up heritage in order to make a profit. Even more than that, the building embodies the power of the people if they make their voices heard loud enough. In 1980, thousands of inhabitants of Ghent, squatters and sympathisers, took to the streets against the sale of the Pand to the private tourist sector. They won the battle and for more than 25 years the Caermersklooster was used for social housing.

Now, for the second time in half a century, the loss of the building is imminent. While so many people are looking for an affordable place to live, WoninGent has evicted the social tenants and the squatters and wants to sell the Caermersklooster. Ghent on sale! In addition to the property, many more privatisations of public property will follow, such as the Blauwhuis and the Arsenal site and hundreds of social houses. With our action, we want to denounce the cause of this: a failing neoliberal housing and anti-squatting policy, in which everyone with a normal or low income is driven out of the centre and literally put aside.

Do you feel connected to our struggle and would you like to help, even though you may not know how? Then become a Pandemist and bring fear to every capitalist! There is plenty to do: come and think, build, talk, do… Do you have an idea for a project in the Pand or are you just curious about the place? Then come along! You can contact us on hetpand [at] riseup [dot] net or come to the people’s kitchen on Saturday evening. Our address is Trommelstraat 1, ring the bell on the iron gate.

Our demands

We’ve set out five demands for the city and won’t leave until there is a credible answer.

The city must stop the wave of privatizations of commons in the interest of rich investors instead of ordinary citizens of Ghent.

Therefore, our first demand is:
1. The Caermersklooster remains in public hands.

The building will remain empty for at least a year until a final destination is found and because the previous occupants were thus unnecessarily evacuated just before winter in full crisis, we demand
2. A social temporary filling with housing possibility

The center of Ghent has become extremely expensive and people are spending an increasing amount of their income just to be able to live somewhere human. Therefore we demand
3. A ceiling on rents

Everyone, with or without papers, has the right to a roof over his head. The city has so many empty buildings that this is perfectly possible. That is why we demand
4. Housing opportunity for every homeless person

Finally, in the past, squatters have often prevented plans and made projects possible for which everyone can now be grateful. Because Ghent has apparently forgotten the positive role of squatters in its democratic history and with power, money and steel now treats us like scum, we demand
5. The discontinuation of the anti-squatting policy.

Capitalism and the state do not give us a solution to the housing crisis and vacancy. That’s why we do it ourselves and won’t leave until our demands are met.

The Pandemists
January 2022

‘t Pand
Trommelstraat 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
hetpand [at] riseup [dot] net

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Thessaloniki: The eviction of the Biologica steki won’t go unanswered

Open Assembly in solidarity with the Biologica steki, friday 31 december at 3:00 p.m. at the first student restaurant.

Today 31 december, on new year’s eve, the state and the cops evicted the occupied Biologica steki, surrounding the area around the campus, with an increased presence inside the university. The storming and eviction of the steki was chosen to take place at dawn (6:00 am) as they would not face any form of resistance at this time. We do not consider the eviction of the steki to be an exception, as part of the political methods of the state in the form of control and repression to silence any mode of expression and action that deviates from the dominant one.

The context of repression that the steki has suffered over the years so far has come mainly from authorities and committees within the university. The current eviction – the longest-lasting occupation on university premises – is, we believe, contextually of heavier political significance.

For the state, it marks the end of ‘lawlessness’ on university campuses and the ‘sterilization’ of educational institutions, promoting, as necessary, a regime of surveillance and control, locking up faculties and intensifying the policing of the university. A necessary condition for the achievement of these plans is the silencing of any radical, autonomous voice that moves in the university space, such as occupied social centers (steki), squats and autonomous groups.

For us, these are spaces of freedom, rejecting notions of hierarchy, ownership and economic exploitation. In them, we create our own structures, based on self-organization, equality, anti-commercialism and solidarity, from our political existence and action to our entertainment.

As we have defended the spaces that have been attacked in the past, in Greece and abroad, so now they will find us against them in their attempt to eliminate us. Our response to your repression will be in front of you, as it has been for so many years.

In November 1987, the Biologica steki is occupied by students as the need for a new social space of expression arises. The steki, once intended as a university library, now functions as a self-managed café, a place of counter-information and a base for social and student struggles.

From the very beginning, its composition and action is diverse since groups with different characteristics and different ways of action are gathered in the same space.

During these 34 years, the steki has hosted students, concerts, theater plays, radio and political projects, while cafes, collective kitchens, screenings, Greek lessons for immigrants, self-defense courses, etc. have been held. They have supported struggles such as those of conscientious objectors, political prisoners, student squats and have hosted efforts to financially support court costs, comrades in need and medical expenses in the context of solidarity. To this day, the steki continues to be a meeting point and political hub, with the main focus on self-organization in struggle, solidarity with incarcerated comrades and the daily assertion of our lives.

The attack on our spaces will not only not go unanswered but also acts as a driving force for a counter-attack as it reminds us once again that we are in a constant war. The fairy tale of order and security realized through repression by all forms of cops and snitches reignites our need to continue to fight by being in solidarity with one another.

If you think that by evicting our spaces you are going to annihilate us too, you are living in delusion.
We will make sure that we bring you back to reality.


Στέκι στο Βιολογικό
Sketi Biologica
Thessaloníki, Greece

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Thessaloniki: Hands off the Biologica squat!

On Thursday 18th of November 2021, we noticed some “changes” inside the Biological building and more specific inside the foyer area, from the installation of plasterboard that blocked half of the space by leaving behind a corridor between the two entrances of the building. They even had the audacity to leave some distinct marks on walls, including the wall of the squat by foreshadowing their demolition.

After a related research in the Ministry of Digital Governance and in the “Diaygeia” Programme (online platform from the government), we noticed that on the 16th of September 2021, a construction was assigned, for a project of 1.320.600,00 euros, with the subject: “INTERNAL SPACE LAYOUT OF THE BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT GROUND FLOOR , FOR THE NEEDS OF S.O.S. (School of Sciences, neighborhood building)”. Their timeline require that the specific project must be delivered within 16 months since its publication – from the signing of the agreement and their plans it is clear that they intend to transform the squatted area into a “waiting room”, something “highly necessary” for the school’s operation. Indeed, it appears from the agreement that the demolition of the walls is scheduled to take place within 4 months of its signing (i.e. by mid-January), which the threat of eviction becomes direct. Already university rectors and developers took action for the reconfiguration of the “utilitarian” spaces and their completion.

Abstract from the collective text of Biologica squat

The Biologica squat, being a consistent space of resistance for the last 34 years inside the university’s campus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), has hosted a number of groups, individuals, ideas and actions which don’t get limited by borders, bars and fences. Currently, the squat provides spaces for the squat Terra Incognita, the Solidarity Fund for Prisoners and Persecuted Fighters, the Biologica which they coordinate through the political administrative assembly of the self-organised space. Apart from the activity of groups and collectives, various initiatives of individuals are carried out in the place, which aim at the diffusion of ideas and propaganda through counter-information tools, self-education and “fermentation” with topics which concern both student struggles and the broader social struggles within and outside the metropolitan field.

This overall activity of the space stands as an obstacle at the dominant normality of the doctrine “peace-order-security” and that disturbs the state’s apparatus which launches an all-out attack. Evictions of self-organised spaces and squats were happening since forever within the history of the anarchist and radical movements, therefore in the last period we recognise an escalation in the effort to repress the voice of encouragement of the resistance and the mobilisation on the side of the democratic government of Mitsotakis. With the tools of criminalizing and targeting the resisting spaces and individuals, attacks directly the structures of the university’s space in order to gain the absolute control and to achieve its plans of gentrification and the broader social control. From the squats evictions of the university’s property, Terra Incognita, Rosa Nera, Vancouver Apartment, the self-organised space of A.S.O.E.E, the raids in F.E.P.A and the extensive damages on the squatted political spaces, the future hiring of “special” security guards, the placement of the drug mafias inside the universities, until the recent parody of DNA mixture and the prosecution of the 14 militants from the occupied Rectory of NTUA in Athens.

The occupied space of Biologica because of its position inside the university, is a fixed reference point and an integral part of practical support and solidarity to student struggles against the anti-educational bill of Kerameos-Chrissochoidis (Law 4777/2021), the overall restructuring of education and the creation of the university police force. This bill which was voted overnight in the middle of the pandemic, it concerns the minimum enrollment base, student removals, disciplinary as well as the controlled entry to universities. With this law as a pretext the way opens for the de facto abolition of the university asylum and the prevalence of total control, surveillance and the exclusion of political activities and projects from the university community. An attempt to sterilize and depoliticize the past and present struggles emerging from the universities through the recent legal abolition of university asylum.

The state-capital collaboration would really like us to remain silent but we have other intentions for their repressive and gentrification plans. Through political procedures we oppose repression and we propose self-organisation and solidarity at both local and international level. In this context we have formed an open solidarity assembly against the threat of eviction of the Biologica squat. Collectives and individuals, we choose to defend the Biologica squat both politically and socially as well as emotionally, since for us it is an integral meeting point with events, solidarity structures and struggles. Through this particular procedure we will try to stand as an obstacle to coming attack and collectively prevent it.

Not a single step back, 34 years are not enough
No threat of the state will remain unanswered
Solidarity with the squats and the student struggles

Open assembly for the defense of the Biologica squat
Τμήμα Βιολογίας και Πληροφορικής
Thessaloníki, Greece

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Wassenaar: Court Orders Our Ivicktion

Wassenaar (Netherlands) – On Monday Dec 20, Rechtbank Den Haag ruled we must leave Ivicke within six weeks.

We aren’t surprised by this verdict in the owner’s favor, and we won’t just accept it quietly.

The court’s argumentation is that our residency here is in violation of the building’s zoning plan, which designates its use as an office. The judge said he “understands the currently difficult housing market” —does he, really!?—and yet decides to evict for emptiness.

Eviction for emptiness, yes: because there are no concrete plans for Ivicke’s future use. No permits, no costings, no drawings, only Ronnie van de Putte’s word that he wants to use it as an office for his company’s only employee.

This is enough for the judge to claim “ there are no grounds for concluding that the national monument will once again be vacant once the occupants have left.”


Anyone who takes a moment to look at Ronnie’s track record of speculation would see there is every reason to conclude Ivicke will once again be empty if we are evicted. Emptiness has been his business model for decades.

Gemeente Wassenaar knows this all too well. They’ve just spent 1 million euros restoring Ivicke’s exterior because of vacancy and neglect, yet throughout these works they’ve continued to pursue our eviction for yet more vacancy.

Speculation, in its many forms, is at the root of the housing crisis. This home is technically an office… That home will bring in more profit if rented to expats instead… This home will stay empty for years… That home will be knocked down… Where homes are treated as commodities, housing is precarious.

Mr. Rechter, this is why the housing market is “currently difficult.”

The housing crisis that has brought people in the Netherlands to the streets in numbers is only a “crisis” for those with modest means. The other side of the coin, for speculants, is a “healthy property market” promising favorable returns.

We do not accept becoming homeless for emptiness. We do not accept that the owner’s business model of speculation weighs heavier than housing needs, than our interest in continuing to live in our home of 3 and a half years.

We expect no better from the courts. They exist to protect the property-owning class.

But we play their rigged game for now and appeal this decision.

Villa Ivicke
Rust en Vreugdlaan 2
2243AS Wassenaar, The Netherlands
ivickeautonoom [at] riseup [dot] net

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Source: Huize Ivicke Autonoom

London: Update from Autonomous Winter Shelter

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well. 115 Grays Inn road (an old stmungos hostel, now taken over by one housing and the Riverside group) has been taken over by a group of people looking out for others safety and well-being, in protest to the housing crisis and opened it to the homeless. We have loads of rooms that need furnishing, as well as kitchen equipment of all sorts. Can anyone help please by dropping down any donations? If any groups want to send your guests here for a shower and a bite to eat, a clean change of clothes, then please feel free as that’s why we’re here. Operating on a first come first served basis to keep it fair to all from 10pm to 10am. If no rooms are available, there will ALWAYS be food and a hot drink,clothes and bedding. Thank you any help would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. The work we do is only possible with YOUR help and assistance.

Berlin: Habersaathstraße reoccupied

We – homeless and homeless people, refugees and people with a migration history, employees in social associations and people involved in rental policy – are fed up with vacancies. That’s why today, on Saturday, December 18, 2021, we reoccupied many of the long vacant apartments in Habersaathstraße. Thus we have created living space, for people who need it just urgently!

Already a year ago, several apartments in Habersaathstraße 46 were occupied by homeless and homeless people. After several hours, the police brutally evicted the people back to the street before the seizure could be sufficiently checked by the district. Since then, not much has happened. The owner at the time, Andreas Pichotta, offered to make some of the vacant apartments available to an agency as cold aid. There were talks between the owner and a sponsor. The offer kept decreasing, out of 40, ten apartments remained, in the end there were no apartments at all.

For years, there was a failure to create sufficient affordable housing. Rent evictions and forced evictions supported by Red-RedGreen continue unhindered. Fewer and fewer people have the chance to find an apartment on the housing market and more and more people have no apartment of their own. It is estimated that up to 10,000 people in Berlin have to live on the streets, compared to only up to 1050 places in emergency shelters. All additional accommodations that were created during the first Corona phase have been abolished again. Those looking for a roof over their heads often cannot even find a place in overcrowded cold shelters.

The Senate has set itself the goal of eliminating homelessness by 2030. How this is to work remains open. Because the vacancy rate remains untouched. Only if housing is no longer speculatively traded as a commodity and vacancies are used can affordable housing be created for all. Here in Habersaathstraße, many good, ready-to-move-in apartments have stood empty until today.

And we are making a start!

Source translated with help of deepl

Athens: Call for participation in the defense of the Squatted Community of Prosfygika

Hello comrades,

We address this call to collectives and individuals from all around the world to join the combative defense of Prosfygika against the imminent repression. The attempted evacuation of our neighborhood must be turned into a central event of resistance and a victory against political power and the gentrification of our neighborhoods in the metropolis.


The building complex of Prosfygika was built in 1933 for the refugees coming from Asia minor.

In the conditions of the time, a vibrant working class neighbourhood with communal characteristics emerged. Today,it is one of the biggest building complexes in the center of Athens, which is still not gentrified and exploited by big investors or the state. It is a place of strategic significance, since it is located between the two ‘pillars’ of authority – the Supreme Court on one hand and the Police Headquarters on the other.

Within this socio-spatial frame, some militants, who were already living in the neighborhood as squatters, decided to organize. In 2010 they initiated the Community of Squatted Prosfygika, having as its central decision-making political organ the Assembly of Squatted Prosfygika (SY.KA.PRO.). A communal body for everyday life and political struggle.

10 years later, the result of this initiative is that the project is a politically unified neighborhood, with numerous squatted apartments, autonomous communal structures like Children House, Women’s Cafe, Bakery, clothes, food and health structures covering the needs of dozens of people, families, migrants, economic and political refugees, of whom many are without papers, old, sick or very poor. The community has at the same time a constant participation in local and international struggles and a great revolutionary perspective.

The community is organizing on the basis of self-organization, autonomy, direct action, common property, social and political equality, liberation of femininities. On these values and methods, different nationalities and religions, different political organizations and political understandings are coexisting and working together to resist and overcome capitalism, state and patriarchy, applying the model of Confederalism, which is the model for any possible stateless society.

As SY.KA.PRO we are participating in local struggles of the anarchist and the wider radical movement within the greek territory. During the last years we have participated in several struggles for prisoners, such as for Dimitris Koufontinas’ hunger strike, where, together with dozens of other comrades, our members were arrested during mass interventions. We stand by the radical student movement which is constantly trying to claim spaces for struggles within universities, having as a core the participation in the squatting of Polytechnic University – a symbol of resistance against dictatorship. We have been involved in many anti-repression struggles for solidarity to other squats and comrades, and we actively defend Exarheia neighborhood from repression and gentrification.

Moreover, with an internationalist perspective, our people have travelled to support the social revolution of the Kurdish Freedom Movement known as “Rojava”, where one of our members, Haukur Hilmarsson “Spark”, became a martyr. At the same time, our internationalist perspective and solidarity entails the hosting of Turkish and Kurdish revolutionary organizations and their political refugees in the structures of the community. Also, comrades from all around the globe are visiting or organizing within our community. Of course these relations include solidarity to projects abroad, with the most prominent example that of Rigaer94 in Berlin.

The defense of the neighborhood is already manifested through the very existence of the community, its organization, actions, events, and our small confrontations with the cops whenever they move threateningly in our ground. And this defense proved its efficacy, during the big clashes against the cops and fascist invasion on 31/10/2016.
At the present time, in case of invasion/eviction, we are willing to strongly defend our neighborhood. And there are many ways to contribute to this resistance. At the same time, every expression of solidarity and counter-information action will strengthen it.



In our community we have spaces dedicated to host, for a period of time, internationals who want to get to know our project, encounter its people, get involved in the common structures, the daily life’s program and take responsibility for an active resistance in the neighborhood. Ιn practical terms, this means to get involved in the ongoing anti-repression processes, to be part of the confrontation, if it occurs during the time of one’s stay, and to participate in the solidarity procedure that will emerge after the repression. An extra support to the plan of defense can be given through technical knowledge and work for barricading, fighting material, alarm system.


We consider the importance of every banner, slogan and announcement as contributing to the political defense of Prosfygika. In a logic of inflicting the greatest possible cost to the state apparatus and capitalist wealth in terms of destruction, violence and social exposure, both aggressive and activist solidarity actions are also welcomed.


For our project, defending the neighborhood of Prosfygika means to keep its present ground of existence and for its inhabitants to keep their housing structures. To continue more than 10 years of work, organisation and struggles in the very center of Athens, which is under a brutal process of gentrification. However, we don’t perceive this ground as separated from the local and international movement for autonomy and liberation from State’s and Capital’s oppression. Therefore, we believe that a combative resistance and, at best, a victorious one, is a contribution to all the projects which find themselves in this logic, and are politically and historically related.
Indeed, from the battle of Koukaki Squat Community, to successful resquatting operations and high scale conflicts like in Rigaer Straße, examples of collectives and communities of struggle choosing the path of combative resistance are increasing. We saw that such actions destabilise the overwhelming powers of the State, creating confusion and forcing it to step back. Because what we are building has a political and a social value, it is worth fighting for. Because we know nothing will be granted to us, we have to gain it with determination, decisiveness and radical means.

As the Assembly of Squatted Prosfygika, we welcome any participation, suggestion or plan and our ground is open.

We hope for common victorious struggles.

Communıty of Squatted Prosfygıka
Alexandras avenue
Athens, Greece
prosfigika [at] riseup [dot] net

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Communıty of Squatted Prosfygıka

Pertuis: trial of the ZAP, call for support

Pertuis (France) – We are mobilizing against the 86 ha extension of the commercial zone of Pertuis and the artificialization of agricultural land that it will generate.
For 3 weeks, we have been occupying houses, destined to be destroyed, to fight against this project.
We are appearing in court (what an injustice!).
Come and support us this Thursday 16 December at 2pm, in front of the court of Pertuis.

La ZAP (Zone à patates)
Pertuis, France
lazapdepertuis [at] riseup [dot] net

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Brussels: call out, imminent eviction KBC occupation

Solidarity rally, Monday 13 December, 14:00
Press release of the Collective Zone Neutre, KBC Occupation

Since last July, thousands of refugees are blocked in Belarus at the gates of Poland. Pushed on one side by the Belarusian forces and on the other by the Polish authorities, without any European intervention to put an end to this tragedy. Hundreds of migrants find themselves in the streets of Brussels, without any help or resources from the competent authorities.
In recent years, several organizations have had to file a series of lawsuits against illegal instructions or practices of the Belgian state in terms of reception. While undocumented citizens and activists take care of finding housing solutions for hundreds of migrants, through actions of occupation of empty houses. While political administrators wash their hands of it.
The authorities have ordered us to leave our place of residence, a building of the KBC bank, which has been empty for years, and subject to land speculation.
The authorities are putting pressure on us, knowing that women and children will end up on the street in the middle of winter.
We deplore this situation, and we hope that the municipality of Molenbeek will find a solution that suits everyone, by putting around the table, the parties concerned by this crisis situation.

We, the Collective Zone Neutre, categorically refuse to leave our place of residence.
We ask the communal authorities to help us find a solution of rehousing for the occupants.
We call on the citizens to come in large numbers to support us.

Collective Zone Neutre
KBC Occupation
Rue du Port n°14
Molenbeek, Belgium

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Some squats in Belgium
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Pertuis: The ZAP once again under attack, we will not surrender

Pertuis (France) – This morning Roger Pellenc carried out his threats at the ZAP (Zone à patates), where we are occupying several houses to fight against a project to extend a commercial zone and the capitalist world that engenders it. A shovel escorted by six municipal policemen came to destroy the gate of the common house as well as the fence and the hedge along the street and seriously damaged the reception hut that we had built in the last few days. All this under the hilarious look of the municipal police.

Some people from the ZAP witnessed these actions, a comrade tried to get between the shovel and the gate. The driver of the machine threatened him and continued his work while putting him in danger. Then the police tried to arrest him. In the morning, prolonging the pressure of the municipal police, a helicopter of the gendarmerie turned a lot around the houses.

We remind you that since the procedure is still in progress, the inhabitants of this house cannot be evicted. This destruction is therefore totally illegal and breaks domestic peace. It demonstrates once again the mafia methods of Roger Pellenc. It confirms to those who still doubt that the police have no shame in acting against the law to serve the interests of an autocratic, all-powerful mayor, ruling like a kingpin over the city of Pertuis.
We will not be intimidated. We will react on all fronts. We will file a complaint. We will rebuild in more solid what was destroyed. And above all we will defend with determination and determination these houses that we occupy.
Today we need support: material, financial for the procedure, and especially, your presence. We need to be more numerous, so we call on all of you to join us at the ZAP. May the force be with us!

La ZAP (Zone à patates)
Pertuis, France
lazapdepertuis [at] riseup [dot] net

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London: Autonomous Winter Shelter opened in former St. Mungo’s hostel

Freedom has received the following communique:

There were over 2688 people recorded to be sleeping rough in London on any one night in 2020.

The temperature at night will be cold enough to cause hypothermia for 23 days this month. That’s 23 days where there’s a real possibility that someone sleeping on the street may not wake up.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

With rough sleeper increases of up to 150% in some London boroughs last year, homelessness remains a problem that cannot be brushed under the rug. This number has climbed 52% over the past decade alone – it will continue to rise and we are doing something because we know this doesn’t need to keep happening.

People shouldn’t be forced to freeze to death on the streets of a country that has chosen to forget them. Rising rent costs and continuous lack of compassion from the services set up to help has enabled a widespread blind eye for those in situations like these – it’s time we worked from the ground up. None of us should be one missed paycheck away from homelessness – and none of us should be sleeping rough in the middle of winter. We must show solidarity with our own communities.

We are occupying the former St. Mungo’s Hostel on Gray’s Inn Road in protest against the austerity measures that have enabled the continuous neglect of those sleeping rough. As houseless people, no longer will we sit and wait to freeze to death on the streets. We are sick of sombre spaces and half-assed hostels. Instead, we are taking direct action – organising to assist each other in times of crisis.

We aim to provide a safe and warm space for people to stay, create, and take care of themselves and others within a community environment. It is not enough to provide what people need to survive – we aim to cultivate a space where it is possible for people to thrive.

Our ethos is simple – mutual respect, mutual aid. Our spaces are open to all, though abuse of any kind is not welcomed. Ours is a space of community support and community prosperity.

Over the course of the past year, we have seen this government make some questionable decisions regarding aid for houseless people. The promotion of Whitechapel Mission, alongside a tannoy announcement reminding passengers not to give directly to the homeless was publicly apologised for by Priti Patel, yet it remains in circulation. People who wish to help are encouraged to keep their assistance always one step removed from those who need it – allowing those in power to virtue signal their sympathy, while ignoring the issue at hand.

Direct action is the only way forward. We can demonstrate our solidarity with those in need if we try. Stand with us as we tackle the housing crisis head on, through mutual aid and mutual respect.

[Freedom, 7 Dec. 2021.]

Wuppertal: The Osterholz forest and occupation is under threat of eviction and uprooting

Tension is rising in the beautiful Osterholz forest on the city limits of Wuppertal and Haan. The Administrative Court of Düsseldorf has rejected the complaint of local residents against the immediate enforcement of the planning approval process. This means that we have to expect an eviction of the occupation and uprooting of the forest even more.

According to the administrative court, the local residents “are only entitled to file a complaint with regard to their own rights; they cannot successfully assert concerns of the general public, such as the general importance of the forest for the environment,” and it continues: “The avoidance of negative effects on the climate is one of the concerns to be taken into account, but not all other interests must necessarily be subordinated to it.”

Although the citizens’ initiative “Osterholz Bleibt” has developed alternative solutions for the excavation material of the lime works Oetelshofen, and for that reason alone a possible clearing is not only bad for the climate, but also completely unnecessary. We could write a lot here about the responsibility of especially the Black/Green coalition in Wuppertal, or the district government of Düsseldorf, but we will do that another time. The important thing is: Come to the Osterholz forest now!

If you can not come until later: Send your cell phone number to jeder-baum-zaehlt [at] riseup [dot] net if you want to receive an alert SMS in case of an eviction/clearing.

Protect forests!

Defend Osterholz forest!

Climate protection remains manual work!

You will find the forest occupation here:

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Pertuis: No shovels at the ZAP!

Pertuis (France) – This Wednesday 8 December, one of the houses next to the ZAP (Zone à patates) was destroyed. The company commissioned for the work was accompanied by the municipal police and the gendarmerie. This same company tried to demolish the gate of the common house. They threatened several times to come back and announced in particular that “all the other houses would be destroyed in the week”.

We wish to inform Mr. Pellenc, who does not seem to be aware of this, that the four houses still standing are occupied by four different groups of inhabitants for whom this is the only habitat, and that these occupations have already been reported. They are not evictable in their current state, and any attempt to force their eviction or demolition would therefore be perfectly illegal.

Also, if this were to happen, we will not give in to pressure and we will take action to publicize the event. We invite the mayor to transmit the information to his services and to the company in charge of the demolition, which must work with full knowledge of the facts.

La ZAP (Zone à patates)
Pertuis, France
lazapdepertuis [at] riseup [dot] net

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Basel: House ok.cupied

This morning (November 30, 2021) early the collective okcupied Amerbachstrasse 63 in Basel. We are striving to help people find love and a home. We all know the feeling of emptiness. Because of Covid-19 the emptiness became even bigger and isolation became a daily reality for people. Especially the marginalized groups of our society are particularly affected because of the unjust structures of capitalism. Okcupied fights against this isolation and works to fill empty spaces with good vibes. Are you motivated? We’ll find the empty space that’s right for you.

You can find us on Telegram and Instagram:

Collective ok.cupied

Amsterdam: Municipality wants to evict LVV residents, court grants this in brutal verdict

Tuesday 30 November, were the first judgments in a series of summary proceedings brought by the municipality of Amsterdam. The lawsuits were aimed at legitimizing the eviction of the residents of the National Provision for Foreign Nationals (Landelijke Vreemdelingen Voorziening, LVV). Judgments have now been rendered in two cases; in both judgments the court has granted the eviction claim. This means that the municipality can proceed with eviction as of this weekend, leaving the LVV residents in question on the street. This while the party responsible for the LVV, Groenlinks, again states in its party program 2022 that no one sleeps on the streets in Amsterdam.

The case involves, among others, a 37 year old woman from Eritrea, who has been living in the Netherlands for 11 years. In the verdict the responsibility is placed entirely on her: homelessness is ‘her own choice’. This is an absurd representation of the situation: nobody chooses to be homeless. What actually happens is that after almost one and a half years of shelter and legal screening she is sent away without making a single step forward.

The arguments of the lawyer of the party concerned were completely ignored. In his pleading he states that the participants in the LVV have not done what they had previously promised to do. The LVV covenant that the parties signed states that they will seriously look for a solution for people who cannot return to their country of origin, but are not allowed to stay here either. They cannot meet the high burden of proof imposed by the IND, simply because they do not have the right documents – they are in ‘need of proof’ – but they cannot leave the country for the same reason, because they are not recognised by any other country. The Netherlands has a duty to offer perspective to people who have ended up in such a hopeless situation. Keeping people endlessly in a hopeless situation from which they can never, ever get out is only possible when the human dimension has been completely lost sight of. Rules are applied without regard to the disruptive consequences, as we have recently seen in other implementing organisations such as the tax authorities.

The municipality and the shelters are now free to carry out this verdict and proceed to eviction. On the other hand, GroenLinks has the choice to carry out its party programme and prevent eviction. If the municipality does proceed to eviction, it will deliberately choose to fall below the humanitarian minimum threshold by making people homeless again. This in the middle of winter and in the middle of a pandemic. This also means that the municipality is once again collaborating in the illegalisation of people and denying them basic rights such as shelter and access to the labour market, education and health care. Apparently, the municipality of Amsterdam believes that it is not bound by the elementary human rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A total of 15 people in the LVV in Amsterdam are currently threatened with eviction. A number of them organised a demonstration on 23 October under the name We Are Still Here, calling for: No temporary solutions, but permanent residence permits. But victims are not heard and not protected, and the criticism of this LVV initiative always falls on deaf ears.

We Are Here (Wij Zijn Hier)

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