A&E, Accessibility & Environment Film Festival

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A&E, Accessibility & Environment Film Festival

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Films about Accessibility and Inclusion, Disability, Health and the Environment.
This is a disabled-led project. Come and watch films from around the world,  take part in discussion and help to create a positive impact.
No issue is too small or big. Everything is connected and we tackle it, one step at a time.
This is the first year of the International A&E, Accessibility & Environment Film Festival & Discussion Forum taking place in Bristol during the 22nd-23rd of June, 2024. Join us.
A&E is a disabled-led festival.
Our aim is to highlight the interrelationship between environment and disability issues. We witness shockingly raised numbers of people occupied by disability and chronic disease in the face of a global climate crisis.
Everyone knows that there are financial factors behind these developments and we show films connecting the facts about them as we bear witnesses to their impact and the scale of this crisis both on a personal level but also on a humanitarian and global one.
How does the future look? How can we improve it?
The environmental emergency impacts our daily lives, from the water we drink, to the energy we use, from the air we breathe to our mental state. What can we do about it?
We want to hear your story
We include people who identify as disabled, people living with an autoimmune disease without a cure, people clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, chronically ill, D/deaf, neurodivergent, people living with long-term mental health conditions, people who face barriers due to any type of impairment they experience in terms of their access and participation to the environment that surrounds them and people who have access needs.
In our awards, we use the term disabled-led for films made by a disabled person or a group with a disabled majority input. We do this to support their work in order for it to continue.
You do not have to identify with the term disabled to submit your film.
How does Access define Ability?
How does society and the provision of access define disability?

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piątek, 21 Czerwiec, 2024 - 22:00 do sobota, 22 Czerwiec, 2024 - 22:00


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