Cardiff Riots - Public Discussion

niedziela, 18 Czerwiec

Cardiff Riots - Public Discussion

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If power wants to extinguish revolt, it's up to us to spread the flames

Two teenagers, Harvey Evans and Kyrees Sullivan, are killed trying to escape the cops in Ely, Cardiff...

...Those same cops move in to try to grasp control even of the ground where those boys have just fallen.

People emerge into the streets. Nine hours of fighting. Burnt vehicles, torches of freedom.

Up until that day police  were arrogant in their power to enter territory – stripping, interrogating, kidnapping at will. Then suddenly they face their nightmare. A vengeance undaunted by all the weapons, machinery, threats and torments used to suppress it. None of these are a match for wounded dignity and simple courage.

Now that the fires have been put out, the media have done their work: on the one hand, censorship, and on the other all the disgusting lies that can be marshaled to discredit the validity and importance of this night of rebellion. Arrests have already begun (twenty so far), many of children no older than 15. The state attempts, yet again, to erase any sign that what took place was a rebellion  – an obvious fact with irrepressible consequences.

Anyone who decides to go on the offensive are brothers and sisters. Their generous and open invitation to put an end to excuses and immediately revolt is not to be taken lightly.

Here in London things are no different. How many have died at the mercy of the state and its enforcers? How many times, till we raise our heads up against an unbearable existence of meaningless lives? It is a moral and material necessity. Right now.

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niedziela, 18 Czerwiec, 2023 - 19:00


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