We're going to upgrade

pt., 17 wrz 2021

At the end of this year we're going to upgrade Radar. Over twenty years since it was first launched and six years since the last major upgrade.

No huge changes are planned for this update; but there are plenty of usability improvements. Unless someone wants to volunteer to do some design it'll keep looking just as now somewhat like it did when it was launched back in 2001. Mobile friendly naturally.

In addition to fixing some of the usability, like those group permissions no one understands, and the creating and reusing locations, we're also looking into more ways for you to share, import, export, and generally use events elsewhere. ActivityPub, Mastodon, better iCal imports and exports. But we'd love to also hear from developers who might use the API, or would want a different one JsonAPI? GraphQL?

Got technical, or non-technical ideas: Send them to radar -at- squat -dot- net
Maybe we can do something, maybe not, but it would be good to hear.