Caught in the Net. Bookclub by FORGED BOOKS

niedziela, 19 Wrzesień

Caught in the Net. Bookclub by FORGED BOOKS

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‘…And so there was a study on 68 teenagers between 12 and 18 who voluntarily spent 8 hours alone without access to any telecommunications (so no internet, no phones, no computer, no TV, no radio) and instead what they were allowed to do during this time were other activities like writing, reading, playing musical instruments, painting, needlework, singing, walking and so on. Out of the 68 only 3 were actually able to go the full 8 hours[…] 3 of the participants described themselves as having suicidal thoughts. 5 had panic attacks. 27 experienced symptoms like nausea, sweating, dizziness, hot flushes and abdominal pain, and everyone described themselves as feeling fear and anxiety.’

A discussion of RETURN FIRE’s text CAUGHT IN THE NET hosted by FORGED BOOKS.

The session will begin with a reading from the text:

No prior reading is needed.

Conversation will take place on the Jitsi platform here:

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niedziela, 19 Wrzesień, 2021 - 13:30


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Presently squatted


Presently squatted

FORGED BOOKS is a bookclub in the UK.  We host a reading group across Manchester and Sheffield.

We are currently meeting online.  All welcome!


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