Events organised or listed by more than one group

wt., 07 kwi 2020

It's always been possible to have events in more than one group. But the field on the event form was always a mess, and confusing. Finally we've had an idea and some time to make it simpler.

On the form when you create an event, or edit it, all it says (under the location of the event) is the groups it is, or will be in.
On the page of an event that you can edit you will now see a link to add (and remove) groups as available.

If you click the link you will get a form offering you groups you can add to. Yours, and others that you can post to.

  1. The event form as it now appears:
    Bottom of the form to edit or create an event with locations and details of the groups it is in
  2. The right hand column of an event you can edit with link at the bottom:
    Event page groups section on the right with link to add or remove groups
  3. And the form that appears if you click it
    The pop-up form where you can add and remove groups for an event