Doe-het-zelf Werkplaats

Doe-het-zelf Werkplaats

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The Do-it-yourself Workshop is a workshop in Rotterdam where you can get started with materials and tools. The workshop is mainly focused on learning to repair bicycles, but you can also patch up a household appliance, for example. The use of the workshop is free, but donations are always welcome to cover the costs!

The 'Do-it-yourself Workshop' is a workshop space in Rotterdam where you can fix and build things, using the tools and materials that are available. The workshop is mainly geared at learning to repair bicycles, but if you have some household item you want to fix, you're more than welcome. Using the workshop is free of charge, but donations are welcome to cover the costs!

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De openingstijden wisselen van dag tot dag, afhankelijk van wanneer vrijwilligers beschikbaar zijn.

For opening times check our website and the sign posted outside the shop weekly.


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Doe-het-zelf Werkplaats
Schout Heynricstraat
3032 VA Rotterdam
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