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Banc Expropiat

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The only solution – re-open El Banc Expropiat. [Statement of May 31st 2016] . A week has passed since the Catalan police evicted the Banc Expropiat last Monday, on May 23th. Since then we have seen it all: confrontations with the police, trash containers used as barricades, and banking offices with their windows wrecked. But we have also seen the Catalan police firing head-shots with their new foam ammunition, politicians of all kinds lying and going off on tangents, criminalization of protest in the media etc etc.

Many things have happened during these last few days. These facts will need to be evaluated quietly to assess who’s responsible. Everyone, including ourselves, is saying that this situation is lasting too long.

The conflict began with the eviction, and since, everyone has tried to take advantage of the situation to start their own battles: the quarrels between various political parties do not interest us, our reality is different than their’s. We have always maintained our autonomy from political parties and we want to keep it like that, regardless of the support or the attacks that various political formations have conducted these last few days.

In order to be unblock the situation and find a solution, the different actors that have started this conflict or have some responsibilities in it are the ones who can act. As far as we are concerned – we will say this as many times as necessary – we only want to re-enter the Banc Expropiat. When this happens, the protests will end. We consider that moving to a different space, leaving the current one to the speculator Bravo Manuel Solano, would be a collective defeat.

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de dilluns a divendres de 18h a 21h


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Banc Expropiat
Carrer de Quevedo 13-15 - Vila de Gràcia
08023 Barcelona


L4 Joanic / L4 Verdaguer


Presently squatted