Kevät-fest 2024

vrijdag, 26 april tot zondag, 28 april

Kevät-fest 2024

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Makamik's spring-fest is organized this year at the occupied Kulosaari manor! Bands, workshops, art exhibition, comrades kitchen and Kolo distro <3

Friday 26.4.

18 No Ei!
19 Kyhiskessu
20 Zombie eater
21 Vähäkyrö Drive-by

Saturday 27.4.

15-21 Mustan kanin kolo distro
12-16 bike kitchen

11-1330 crafts workshop
1330-15 direct action workshop by Moktasissit
15 seed planting workshop
16 art exhibition opening

17 Bördöt
18 Oiva Vedätys
19 Heta Bilaletdin
20 Säilä

22 Uni
23 DJ Mil K
00 Lemdip
01 DJ Tai muuta sellaista

Sunday 28.4.

15-18 Mustan kanin kolo distro
+ art exhibition

11 comrades kitchen
13 iso tila -info + self defence workshop
1430 Mielikki levyjen biisityöpaja

16 Elli
1630 Auno
1715 Amanda Ryymin (runoja)
18 Orest Smovzh
1845 Jussi P Niinku Pekka

The spring-fest includes Makamik’s traditional FREE SHOP! This is a great chance to do a spring clean-up in your wardrobe and find some new favorites for the coming summer 🌻☀️ We reccommend you arrive with empty bags and with your finding pants on. Please bring only useful clothes and things that are of an easily transportable size.

Principles of the house:
- no authoritarian symbols (for example: swastika, hammer and sickle, finnish lion, national flags, insignia of parties or their youth departments etc.)
- don't take photos of people without their permission
- respect other people's physical and emotional space
- don't make disturbing comments on others body or looks
- no discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism etc.)
- don't presume or make generalizations (about peoples background, gender, sexuality, life situation etc.)
- clean up after yourself
If you notice or face anything that feels difficult at Makamik's spring-fest we wish that the organizers would be told with a very low threshold.

The house will have floor accommodation mainly for ppl out of town. If interested, contact via DM of email and tell us a bit about your situation :)


Datum & tijd: 

vrijdag, 26 april, 2024 - 17:00 tot zondag, 28 april, 2024 - 20:00


  • boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek
  • cursus/workshop
  • discussie/presentatie
  • tentoonstelling
  • film
  • eten
  • weggeefwinkel
  • muziek
  • party
  • theater
  • werkplaats/diy


  • free
  • tegen donatie
  • 3-5 €
  • meer dan 5 €
Kulosaaren kartano


Presently squatted

Originally squatted in 2013 and since legalized Squat Makamik was an anarchist and antiauthoritarian social center and space for free art. Makamik’s organizing was based on anticapitalism and safer space principles.


  • boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek / cursus/workshop / discussie/presentatie / tentoonstelling / film / eten / weggeefwinkel / bijeenkomst / muziek / party / theater