Tesla stoppen

Tesla stoppen

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Water occupation in the Grünheide.

"We are standing in the way of the expansion of the Tesla car factory. Cars for a capitalist "business as usual" are to be produced in a water conservation area - a highway to social climate catastrophe. Here we see how the profits of a gigacorporation are placed above the needs of people when resources such as water become scarce.
For a world in which everyone can live well!"

Daily program in the forest:

  • 10 AM ToDo Plenum
  • 1 PM Climbing skillshare
  • 6 PM Onbarding at tripod
  • 7 PM Evening plenary
  • Küfa (Kitchen for everybody): approx. 9 AM & 7 PM warm food, 13:12 snacks

There will be further discussions, lectures, movie nights and concerts etc. Of course, we will keep you informed on our channels - stay tuned

We are located 5 minutes from Fangschleuse station. Come in large numbers and bring your friends and family.
Location: 52.404969, 13.822031

You can find us everywhere on social media @teslastoppen or on our website https://teslastoppen.noblogs.org/


  • action/protest/camp



+49 157 81466278
Wasserschutzgebiet Fangschleuse


5 Minuten entfernt vom Bahnhof Fangschleuse

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