Belia Winnewisser x Subrihanna | Milyma

zaterdag, 11 mei

Belia Winnewisser x Subrihanna | Milyma

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After being active in band projects and working in sound design, Zurich based multimedia artist Belia Winnewisser eventually found her way into playing and producing electronic music. Her productions combine trippy electro beat structures with fading synthesizers spanning moods from emotional to psychedelic and everything in between. At Soft Planet Festival she premiered an audio visual live performance together with Nbg based visual artist SUBRIHANNA (Function Level Marker, Red On). Their joint sets blur the lines between deconstructed club music and a refreshingly bold future Pop by mixing crispy drum sounds, shiny 3D renders and sparkling melodies.☄️
MILYMA is the multi-linguistic musician, vocalist and producer which is based in the creative city of Basel in Switzerland and was born in Germany to Spanish parents. Her music explores the experimental fringes of pop that nods to hip-hop as well as classical, with her cascading arpeggios at the heart of her music making. Her world building capabilities with both music and visuals, place her amongst avant-pop creators like FKA Twigs and Smerz.🔥
Don’t miss this night with refreshing live, electronic music and engaging shiny 3D!

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zaterdag, 11 mei, 2024 - 21:00


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25.- / 27.-
6005 Luzern


Former squat, now legalised

Über den Dächern von Luzern, auf der Anhöhe des Rotsees steht er: der Sedel. Bis 1971 als Knast genutzt, proben heute über 100 Bands in den 54 Zellen. 1981 erkämpften sich junge Musikerinnen und Musiker das Gebäude.


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