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We are a group of queer arabs based in Amsterdam, who want to create and provide a safe space for other queer arabs throughout the Netherlands! We want to do this through the different kinds of events we will organize such as parties, workshops, open mic, gatherings, and a lot more! All those events are organized with the main intention of providing a safe space for the queer arab community where we will be able to meet-up with each other and connect and bond with one another. Since we highly prioritize queer asylum seekers and queer refugees, regardless of whether they're arab or not since intersectionality is very important for us and our space also extends to the queer bipoc immigrant community, they can join our events without paying any entrance fees, and if there's dinner served it will be provided to them for free!  

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depends on the event and the location


  • course/workshop
  • food
  • party

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  • queer
  • Refugees
  • BiPoC


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