Graz Anarchist Bookfair

donderdag, 8 juni tot zondag, 11 juni

Graz Anarchist Bookfair

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Thursday, June 8 @ non grata (Reitschulgasse 17-21)

4 p.m.: Workshop: Let's create a trashy copy art DIY zine together
6-8 p.m.: Library - browsing, lending and all kinds of things
8 p.m.: Discussion “Anarchist Literature vs. Literary Anarchism”

Friday, June 9 @ SUb ([Fuck] Kaiser-Franz-Josef Kai 66) (indoor event)

11 a.m.: book tables, gossip and nonsense
1 p.m.: food for all
3-5 p.m.: Discussion “Anti-militarism”
5-7 p.m.: Discussion “Sensibility of FLINTA* rooms”
7 p.m.: Brochure presentation and discussion “Smash Pacifism! A Critical Consideration of Gandhi and King”
10 p.m.: Noise evening with live sets and DJs

Saturday, June 10 @ SUb* ([Fuck] Kaiser-Franz-Josef Kai 66) (indoor event)

11 a.m.: book tables, musing and non-musing
1 p.m.: food for all
3-5 pm: Brochure presentation and discussion “In the midst of oceans, forests and volcanoes. The radical struggle of the Mapuche”
5-7 p.m.: Reading “72 Years of Rebel Life” Part 1 of John Olday’s autobiography (1905 to early 1940s)
7 p.m.: A Surprise Discussion

sleeping place exchange

Are you planning to come to Graz for the book fair and don't yet know where to crash OR do you have room in your room in Graz for people from other cities? That's what the sleeping place exchange is for now. We organize it a bit so that everyone can find something!

Just write to
How many people need what and when and, if necessary, preferences. And if you have space yourself: how many people fit in (are there sofas or should the visitors take sleeping mats etc. with them) and please let us know how we can contact you.
It would be great if there were enough shared flats that could accommodate people for 1-2-3 days! See you in Graz!

PS: We also try to organize nice campsites (incl. infrastructure)...

Datum & tijd: 

donderdag, 8 juni, 2023 (Hele dag) tot zondag, 11 juni, 2023 (Hele dag)


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Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 66
8010 Graz
non grata
Reitschulgasse 17

Between the lines that we read in books, we sometimes find words from the people who had them in their hands before. Little secrets that inspire us to thought and action and with which we go out into the world without anyone knowing where they came from.


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