Bike Repair Workshop

dinsdag, 13 juni

Bike Repair Workshop

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The Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats will be open every Tuesday evening for visitors to come and repair their own bikes or build a new one. Tools and spare used parts are available for use for free. Volunteers with a range of experience are there to help and work with you and learn together. The workshop is a safe place to try, fail and learn. It is a non-commercial space that does not offer a service, but a helping hand. You are also welcome to come and hang out and drink a tea. See you :)

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dinsdag, 13 juni, 2023 - 18:00


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Doe-het-zelf Werkplaats
Schout Heynricstraat
3032 VA Rotterdam

The Do-it-yourself Workshop is a workshop in Rotterdam where you can get started with materials and tools. The workshop is mainly focused on learning to repair bicycles, but you can also patch up a household appliance, for example.


  • werkplaats/diy

opening times: 

De openingstijden wisselen van dag tot dag, afhankelijk van wanneer vrijwilligers beschikbaar zijn.

For opening times check our website and the sign posted outside the shop weekly.