Filmhuis Cavia x SOTU

donderdag, 13 april

Filmhuis Cavia x SOTU

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SOTU (Sounds Of The Underground) is an Amsterdam based experimental music festival that celebrates global independent DIY music and art community. The festival always takes place in different locations. At Filmhuis Cavia, SOTU explores the unique works approaching to sound, music and video art.

Doors open at 19:00
Program starts at 20:00

Maria Carlas &  Mylo Cywitz (live performance)
Maria Carlas brings her operatic voice, impulsive key work and synth ballads to Mylo Cywitz' classical pop industrial compositions. Teaser


Andrius Derevi (live performance)
Andrius Derevi's new solo work where he combines his work with sound and music with more recent ideas as a visual artist, making work that connects these worlds together.


Outer Space Kids
George Gounezos | 2020 | GR | 30' | EN subs

Two graffiti artists from a rural town, explore tunnels and convert abandoned factories to outdoor galleries. Their artistic creations are still unknown and well-hidden in old industrial structures across Greece. Distinct graffiti murals accompanied by personal experiences make this punk tale come alive. Trailer


Sasha Dolgiy & Karina Lazaruk | 2019 | Ukraine | 16'

The shared memory of a social organism spreads over time more than a separate life. In this accumulation of self, it loses its uniqueness - the subject of its preservation and transmission is stratified and multiplied, and the field of interpretation expands. The emotionality and significance of memories are equal to their variability, which is in the midst of the influence of the present-day situations in the centralized dictate of social tasks and aspirations. Collective displacement and amnesia in relation to damaging memories as the supreme achievement on the way to the recovery of society: you can not remember – forget. And in this place, society takes the form of its subject, and acquires the properties of the memory of an individual, sending the unwanted past into undefined and undeveloped spaces of oblivion. Repayment of memory pain results in the need for revenge for the artifacts of history, the impossibility of humility to turn into a war with idols, which symbolize the former - this magical effect comforts the illusion of the message from the present, on behalf of the future, in the depths of antiquity, to the addressees – the reasons for any – what effects, with the words: "I'll win you."


Internet is Dead
Fàguuhr Hudbd | 2022 | 77'

An unnamed man ponders philosophical reflections of an improbable noise-traveller accompanied by footage of Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and least significantly Tokyo – a city whose streets, malls and temples inspire the travelers hesitations. Teaser




The depth of the Lake
Azusa Kurokawa

Santiago Burelli, Niels Poensgen, Victor Yrigoyen | 2021 | 7'

This is a collaboration. Experimental documentary about migration, similarities in the experience in different parts of the world. Migrants are interviewed in their native languages and there are no subtitles, in an attempt to document by witnessing, not reporting. Sound design and sound track made exclusively from field recordings taken in location. 

Victor Yrigoyen | 2022 | 5'

The same sound is recorded in different empty spaces and these images and soundscapes are overlayed in a hypnotic composition. Made in an abandoned soviet bunker outside of Berlin. A space whose occupation was once determined by political rule and, ultimately, the occupation of humankind in a natural environment has been reverted as nature takes back its place. A reflection on occupation, presence, absence.


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donderdag, 13 april, 2023 - 20:00


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6 euros
Filmhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-1
1051 HH Amsterdam


Go through the gate. Cavia is on the right side of the building, above the gym. Take the stairs.

Filmhuis Cavia is a counterculture cinema, (legally) founded by a squatters movement in 1983, which programs films you aren't likely to see anywhere else.


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