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Space City Anarchist Organization

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Space City Anarchist Organization is a non-political, volunteer, activist organization of individuals united by anarchist values that seeks to create stronger communities through mutual aid. Help us build a movement in support of the people! Space City Anarchist Organization first began as a bookclub for few folks in December of 2021; within 1 month, an organization was established for like-minded folk dedicated and committed to building a movement in support of the people, and all who are oppressed, marginalized, and left-behind.
Houston has not been immune to the housing crisis, with up to 20,000 homeless youth each night. Despite the city's best efforts at reducing the population of UnHoused, encampments of UnHoused persons continue to grow. Many of the volunteers within SCAO have been impacted by the housing crisis in some way. We felt it important to begin our work by focusing on supporting the UnHoused population by providing shelter and aid. Since January of 2022, every other week we can be found at the center of the UnHoused encampments providing water, food, sleeping bags, and tents for anyone in need, no questions asked.
One of SCAO's guiding principles is mutual aid. Mutual aid is a voluntary giving, lending, or receiving of time, labor, or resources, with the expectation that the entire community will benefit in whole. Based on this principle, our grand goal is to establish cooperatives that will re-connect local communities through democratically organized community gardens, plastics recycling initiatives, community medic trainings, food & resource distribution, and civic education.


  • action/protest/camp
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting

zaterdag, 9 maart

House of J, 323 Hutcheson Street, Houston

Houston Anarchist Bookfair

~ Houston Anarchist Bookfair, Screwston Anti-fascist Committee
Landelijke oproep - boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek / cursus/workshop / discussie/presentatie / eten / weggeefwinkel / bijeenkomst / muziek
12:00 tot 17:00