Kissable Screens: FagDyke Cruising + Shinjuku Boys

vrijdag, 21 april

Kissable Screens: FagDyke Cruising + Shinjuku Boys

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Cavia’s monthly sex-positive programme Kissable Screens is back to make us feverish in spring. Kissable Screens is about the imagery and enactment of eroticism by showing bodily differentiation and trespassing sexual tension in a public space. This evening starts with the short film FagDyke Cruising by Toni Karat, who is the director of the film Narcissism we screened in the second edition of Kissable Screens. In addition, we’ll screen the documentary film Shinjuku Boys which is about the lives of three trans men who work at a host bar in Tokyo. These two films depict sexual encounters and question our ‘individuality’ and the accompanying aesthetic that often functions as a way of coping with our heteronormative society.

Toni Karat | 2019 | Germany | 16’ 

This film explores the boundaries between pure lust, intimacy and trust in an anonymous sexual encounter with BDSM dynamics: it celebrates the thrill of lesbian cruising in the Berlin leather scene as well as the visibility of non-binary and aging bodies. FagDyke Cruising is said to be a modern classic already and was much awaited by many folks who miss the depiction of “Butch on Butch” or “Boi on Boi” action in the (queer) porn scene!


Kim Longinotto & Jano Williams | 1995 | UK | 54’ | EN subs

This documentary from 1995 follows three 'onabes' who work in a host bar called the New Marilyn in Tokyo. Onabes are people who were assigned female at birth and engage in masculine selfpresentation, some of whom identify as men and some of whom do not. Female visitors come to the bar to get entertained by attractive and personable hosts, and they can pay for intimacy and attention. In candid conversations, the three main characters talk about their romantic relationships in a queerphobic society, their gender, their sexuality, and their personal life altogether.

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vrijdag, 21 april, 2023 - 20:30


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