VOKU Benefit meal for Land recovery at the Heart of the World

zaterdag, 24 september

VOKU Benefit meal for Land recovery at the Heart of the World

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Join us for a special edition VOKU (benefit meal) at De Fabriek Volkskamer on Saturday 24th of September from 18.30.

An intercultural team from Abya Yala, Africa and Europe, have been working together to promote Indigenous Cacao and denounce bad practices around Cacao in West Africa. The meal will be made with Cacao directly sourced from Indigenous Peoples reclaiming their autonomy from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, and from Zapatista land in Mexico.

After 5 performances and 1 Mole workshop, we are finalizing the project 'Ancestor Cacao' in Amsterdam Zuid with a Benefit Dinner. The funds raised from this solidarity meal directly support indigenous communities to buy back and liberate ancestral land within their territory on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.


In the Sierra Nevada the Arhuacans, the Kogui, the Wiwa and the Kankuama have demarcated their original land with a Black Line, they call this territory the 'Heart of the World'. In 2013 heart was also named the most important concentration of threatened biodiversity on Earth. In this Heart of the World you have all climates, from Snow mountains to Tropical Forest and the Caribbean Sea.

For these Indigenous Peoples if the Heart of the World dies, Planet Earth dies. These Indigenous Peoples want to recover and return these lands to their natural state so they can continue making offerings to Mother Earth in their Ancestral Land. This keeps the land intact and helps the Earth to keep her balance. For the Indigenous peoples from the Sierra Madre we are the Younger Siblings who don't want to listen.


We invite you to listen and eat in solidarity! The main dish will be a Mole made with Cacao and Chillies that is made on special occasions in Mexican cuisine!

Welcome all and enjoy! 


Suggested donation for the food is €8

Our team's longer term goal is to promote the exchance between Zapatistas, the Tzotzil, Tzetzal, Chol, Zoque, Tojolabal, who have an autonomous- self determined Indigenous Land in Mexico and the Indigenous Peoples from Corazon del Mundo through our emergent Foundation Pluriverse.


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zaterdag, 24 september, 2022 - 18:30


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  • Vokü
  • Zapatista Land
  • Corazon del Mundo
  • Mole
  • Mexican cuisine


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