Triple Bill

woensdag, 29 juni

Triple Bill

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MARIONETTE TRIPLE: A Czechoslovakian Punch & Judy, US goes Twilight Zone, and Pasolini loves Toto.RAKVICKARNA * 1966 * (Punch and Judy) * Directed by Jan Šv * 10 minutes
Wonderfully chaotic Punch and Judy shenanigans, done in Old-style Czech style, with mad choppy editing and a crazy mix of stop-motion, puppets and automatons. Fast, short and a real theatrical explosion!

FIVE CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN EXIT * 1961 * Directed by Lamont Johnson * 25 minutes
Enter the Twilight Zone. An Army major, a clown, a bagpiper, a ballerina, and a hobo wake up in a strange circular room with no door. None of them have any idea how they got there, and have lost their memories.

CHE COSA SONO LE NUVOLE? * 1968 * (What are Clouds?) * Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini * 20 minutes
The Italian comedian actor Totò was almost a God in Italian cinema. During the last year before he died he began an incredible filmic relationship with Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. One of Totò's last performances, just before his death, was in this short film made in 1968, which we will show tonight as a tribute to the great actor and the art of puppetry in general.

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woensdag, 29 juni, 2022 - 20:30


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Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8


In the Nieuwmarkt area, a quiet street just off Geldersekade

Weekly programme of film screenings in a circuit of underground / self-organised venues. Forgotten movies that should have been classics, neglected flics, lesser-known gems, always with a personal introduction by the programmer. All films in English, or with English subtitles.


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mostly Sunday to Thursday at about 7 different underground locations.