Tender fluid Sessions

woensdag, 7 september

Tender fluid Sessions

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Talking Circles are safe spaces where relationships are buit, nurtured, strengthened, and sometimes healed, where people connect intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally with other Circle members.

In Tender Fuild we will be able to express ourselves authentically, speak openly, and place our active listening. We strengthem bonds and connections within our Tender community, know no separation.


Commom space to address isuues based on our experiences and skills.


Permission to deserve to fell, willingness to learn.

Datum & tijd: 

woensdag, 7 september, 2022 - 19:30
Rua da Penha de França 217
1170-182 Lisboa


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Rua Penha de França217,LX


  • bar/café / boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek / kinderen / cursus/workshop / discussie/presentatie / tentoonstelling / film / eten / weggeefwinkel / bijeenkomst / muziek / party / theater / werkplaats/diy

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  • We open whenever we have events. This is not a living place or a business.