Weekend di mobilitazione internazionale contro tutte le guerre e tutte le frontiere, in città e altrove

vrijdag, 24 juni tot zondag, 26 juni

Weekend of international mobilization against the wars and all the borders in downtown Torino and everywhere else

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From June the 24th to the 26th, Turin will host a weekend of international mobilization against the wars and all the borders in downtown and everywhere else.
We would like to draw attention on the close link between wars and what is happening along the borders.
Capitalism constantly needs to maintain an imperialistic war to defend its own order and control over the market and resources, forcing millions of people to flee and cross the borders.

Moreover, the states define the entirety of their territory through repression and control by integrating or expelling people, on the basis of their economic needs, framed in true racial profiling. The private techno-military industry takes advantage of the partition of the looted and colonized territories, experimenting its macabre innovations of control and surveillance, on the bodies of those who cross those borders.
During the three day meeting there will be an exchange of practices, insights and mobilization.
There will be the possibility to be hosted in the city during the event. Let’s reappropriate urban spaces.
Bring your camping gear!

12:30 Lunch
15:00-16:30 Reception, presentation of the three days and legal update
17:00-19:30 Non-mixed discussion (no cis men)
20:00 Dinner

9:00 a.m. Breakfast
10:00am-1:00pm Concurrently, Surveillance Technologies and Repressive Apparatus in the War on Migrants, Critical whiteness, and Climate Change and Migration.
13:30 Lunch
17:00-20:00 What is internationalist solidarity today?
20:30 Dinner

Morning: General and practical perspectives
18:30 Noise demo at the CPR
From 8:00 p.m. Party

It will also be possible to sleep in Turin on Sunday evening.

Bring your tent and camping materials. Don't forget plate, glass and cutlery
Leave your dogs at home.
Bring your distro too!

Follow updates also at https://nocprtorino.noblogs.org/ and https://www.passamontagna.info
For info you can write us at info@passamontagna.info and assembleanocpr@riseup.net

Datum & tijd: 

vrijdag, 24 juni, 2022 (Hele dag) tot zondag, 26 juni, 2022 (Hele dag)


  • Internationale oproep


  • actie/protest/camp
  • boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek
  • discussie/presentatie
  • eten
  • bijeenkomst
  • party

Siamo un’unione di individui che si organizza da anni attraverso un’assemblea per lottare contro la detenzione amministrativa e le frontiere, al fianco di chi è rinchiuso dentro un Centro di Permanenza per il Rimpatrio oppure rischia la propria vita per attraversare un confine.


  • actie/protest/camp / discussie/presentatie / bijeenkomst

opening times: 

assemblea tutti martedi alle 18.00

Sorta di cappello utilizzato per difendersi dal freddo, viene anche utilizzato da coloro che vogliono proteggere la propria identità. Questo sito nasce per condividere riflessioni, esperienze e pratiche di lotta contro le frontiere e gli stati che le necessitano.


  • actie/protest/camp