Ecotopia Bike tour info voku with dinner! no DIy tonight!

dinsdag, 5 juli

Ecotopia Bike tour info voku with dinner! no DIy tonight!

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Ecotopia Bike tour info voku with dinner! no DIY

Food will be server at 19:30hrs Donation €7,00

Surprise menu!

Ecotopia BiketourWhat is the Ecotopia Biketour?

Ecotopia Biketour is a self-organized, international community that has been organizing a yearly bicycle tour in different regions of Europe since 1990. During the tour we visit environmental and social projects and practice forms of activism and sustainable living. We cook communal vegan food, practice consensus decision making, and share skills by doing workshops. Ecotopia Biketour is for anyone interested in travelling by bike, community life, DIY, an ecological lifestyle, and/or learning by experience. If this sounds good to you, feel welcome to join us!

We are usually a group of 20-40 cyclists. Most people join for between 2 weeks and 2 months and are participating for the first time. We rarely cycle all together, some people go ahead in the morning and mark the route with arrows on the road. People then follow in small groups at their own speed and rhythm. We support each other and keep distances at a level that everybody and everybike can manage. Don’t worry if you have never travelled by bike before.

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DIY Bicycle Repair every Tuesday andThursday night at Fietskliniek 

Is your tire flat? Your chain broken? Your brakes not braking? Your brakes only working? Your wheels wobling? Your handelbaars rattling? Want to fix it? DO- IT- YOURSELF. our DIY night at the Fietkliniek. Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 18h to 21h. You can use the tools for cheap ( 2€ per hour) and we have new and used parts for sale.. Please consider in buying parts at the Fietskliniek to be able to continue with this work. Someone from the Fietskliniek will be around, provide guidance, but the work is done with your own two hands. No experience needed - come in and learn! To reserve a spot, email us at:

We give preference to people with reservations. But you can pass by on both days from 17- 19 hrs Walk IN, first come first served.

 or send us a sms/whatsupp/telegram or signal to 0612711608 at least 1 hour before session


Fietskliniek would like to  thank all the peoplewho donated for our cause! Thanks to your support we raised  €1384.67 in total! We are very delighted about that  amount and plan to use it to pay four months rent. Meaning June, July August and September. At the same time we would like to make a call to anyone interestedin bringing ideas as how to keep this bike workspace alive and kicking. That could be a partnership, or someone interested in having a shared bikeworkspace,or subsidies we could apply to or some other ideas we have not think about it!Our business model is not sustainable and in this way we might be forced to close down in four months. Do you work with bikes? do you want to sep up your ownbike workspace?  do you have ideas on how to hold a communal bikeworkspacefinancially sustainable? Please come and talk with us! Best regards! Fietskliniek Team 


-COVID 19 symptoms? Stay at home and get tested, even if you are fully vaccinated.



Datum & tijd: 

dinsdag, 5 juli, 2022 - 18:00


  • bar/café
  • eten


  • Bike repair
  • Do it yourself
  • Doe-het-zelf Fiets Reparatie
  • 2e hands onderdelen


  • meer dan 5 €



Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 95
1093XN Amsterdam


Most activities use the entrance on the left side of the building (#93). Middle entrance (#95) is used by Balcontactics, DIY Fietskliniek and occasionally ABW.

NieuwLand is solidary and self-built space for living and working, and a non-commercial, volunteer-run social-political centre in Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam Oost.


  • advies/hulp/spreekuur / boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek / cursus/workshop / discussie/presentatie / tentoonstelling / film / weggeefwinkel / bijeenkomst / werkplaats/diy