Demonstracja 1 Maja – Międzynarodowy Dzień Solidarności Ludzi Pracy

zondag, 1 mei

May 1 demonstration - International Working People's Solidarity Day

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International Working People's Solidarity Day - commonly known as May 1 - is not a holiday. It is a day of struggle, because there is still something to fight for. The origin of this day comes from the May Day strikes in Chicago in 1886 as part of the campaign for an 8-hour workday. Anarchists such as Albert Parsons and August Spies (editor of the labor magazine "Chicagoer Arbeiter-Zeitung") took part in organizing the demonstrations. During these events, unfortunately, workers' blood was spilled; the number of victims is unknown. In 1889, the Second International established May 1 as the International Labor Day. In Poland, despite earlier celebrations of the holiday, it was not adopted as a state holiday until 1950.

In Wrocław, the Anarchist Federation and the Union of Polish Syndicalists have been organizing events celebrating May 1 for several years and this year will be no different. In 2017, the Wroclaw anarchists organized an anarchist May Day event, where, in addition to demonstrations, the 3rd anarchist congress KONGRESONO took place.


Location: 51.1111134581028, 17.022544164571553


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zondag, 1 mei, 2022 - 12:00 tot 14:00


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Plac 1 maja

Grupa zrzeszające osoby o poglądach anarchistycznych, które zainteresowane są aktywnym działaniem.
Przeciwko kapitalizmowi i państwu, za wolnością i równością.


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