Reading group: how non violence protects the state

vrijdag, 3 december

Reading group: how non violence protects the state

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This reading group we will read Peter gelderloos's "how non violence protects the state".

In our past speeches and writings we have often expressed that we believe in the importance of - and respect a "diversity of tactics" and that we are not explicitly non-violent. What does this mean and why are we so critical of movements that believe non-violence is the only method to achieve social change? In this session we will take a critical look at violence Vs non-violence & state violence Vs self defense and see how these concepts relate to our organising. With the rising popularity of groups, such as extinction rebellion, that stress that non-violent tactics alone are the way to achieve change, it seems important to critically reflect on these claims and to see how they relate to and pepetuate other forms of oppression such as classism, sexism and racism.

We encourage everyone to take a look at some of the material before the reading group If they can ( but this is not mandatory- we will read some stuff together as well)

The text can be found here:

Other readings/videos/podcast on the topic (interview with Peter gelderloos) (discussion with Peter gelderloos with the Green anti-capitalist Front ) (radical reviewer- great summary and review of the text

For Dutch speakers
Bloed aan de muur (podcast) 22: geweld en geweldloosheid

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vrijdag, 3 december, 2021 - 19:00


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