KONTRA:POLITICS. Screening: Our Defending Bodies by IanB

donderdag, 18 november

KONTRA:POLITICS. Screening: Our Defending Bodies by IanB

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Screening: Our Defending Bodies by IanB

French with English subtitles

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk2EtiHhVXk

This film does not tell a story. It’s a sensitive and radical approach to the psychological and physical violence inflicted upon working-class neighborhood inhabitants by the police. The stories take place in France, in the last twenty years and are reported by the first concerned. No sociologist, no historian, no journalists were involved. You’ll only hear the words of those they try to silence: Wassil Kraiker and his parents Zohra and Abdelaziz, young people from Argenteuil, Amine Mansouri and his father Moustapha, Ali Alexis and his wife, Ramata Dieng and Farid El Yamni ...

It discusses the question of domination, or how the state treats foreign bodies to better control them. It is about racism, torture and a vital fight for the truth. The protagonists of this film did not choose to become visible one day, but, rather, the systemic violence they are subjected to made them fighters.

About the director

IanB is a founding member of a collective that exists and has been fighting since 2012 against state violence, ‘Disarm them!’. He thought of this film both as a way of closing a chapter in his personal fight, a declaration of war and an uncompromising message for those who would still dare to deny the systemic nature of police violence.


Doors open at 19:30, screening will start around 20:00. Please bring proof of vaccination if you can, if you lack the documents to get the QR code please contact us in advance. Bring cash for donations. NO Racism No Antisemitism No sexism No homophobia or transphobia No xenophobia No classism No assholes No Cops.

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donderdag, 18 november, 2021 - 19:30


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