Angelic Conversation

dinsdag, 28 september

Angelic Conversation

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THE ANGELIC CONVERSATION  1985 *  Directed by Derek Jarman * 77 minutes * In English

Queer British director Derek Jarman knocked out some of the most bold works in the history of British film. This one, rarely screened these days, is one of his most tender, but at the same time most experimental of all his feature movies. The basis of the narrative is the Sonnets by Shakespeare, those love poems that many people read as being homosexual in the first place. Indeed, there is evidence they were written by the elderly Shakespeare to his young lover Harry Wriothsley, Duke of Southampton. The poems are about the richness and difficulties of a love relationship, and they glitter like a cut diamond in their multi-faceted observations. Without question, they are some of the most delicate, profound and transcendental poems ever written.

Derek Jarman supplies the sublime images, which are flickering and haunting. Actress Dame Judi Dench recites the words of the Sonnets, and the alternative music band Coil (themselves queer) compose the sound soundscapes. Their music is ambient, and mixed with natural sounds... like ticking clocks, running water, heavy breathing, and distant birds. Some critics have said this is closer to an incantation than it is to a film. It's a meditative journey into the nature of love, beauty and longing. A crucial film in Queer cinema and aesthetics, but also in independent alternative cinema. Otherworldly, meditative, and tender. Those who have been hanging around my cinemas know that I'm not screening a Queer film because it is popular now to do so, but because I have always screened them, right from the very beginning.

“My most austere work, but also the closest to my heart" - Derek Jarman

This will be a high-definition screening.

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dinsdag, 28 september, 2021 - 20:30


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Filmhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-1
1051 HH Amsterdam


Go through the gate. Cavia is on the right hand side, above Xena Sports. Take the stairs.


Former squat, now legalised

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