Gira Zapatista Film Festival: La Vocera (The spokeswoman)

zondag, 15 augustus

Gira Zapatista Film Festival: La Vocera (The spokeswoman)

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LA VOCERA (The spokeswoman)
Luciana Kaplan | 2020 | Mexico | 82' | EN subs

A healer chosen to heal an ailing country. The Spokeswoman (La Vocera), the one who carries our voices is Maria de Jesús Patricio, the first indigenous woman to aspire to the presidency in Mexico. Her journey also tells the story behind the Indigenous Government Council’s fight to preserve nature and for a new way of understanding progress in the world today.


Gira Zapatista Film Festival is an initiative to fundraise the visit of Zapatista delegation to Europe which is called Viaje Por La Vida (Journey for Life). A small group of members left Mexico in April this year and set sail (literally) to Spain, 500 years after the supposed conquest of the “New World”. We want to listen to them, to hear their stories of struggles, to weave dialogues and share the experience of radical practices on building other possible worlds, and imagine pluriversal futures.

We are excited to welcome 30 members to visit the Netherlands in autumn 2021, from the diverse autonomous indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico. And with this film festival, and other activities happening in various cities of the country, we also look forward to spreading their messages that “Another world is possible, where many worlds fit.”,to share with each other and to sow seeds for Life and Hope.


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zondag, 15 augustus, 2021 - 18:00


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