Bezpeněžní zóna aneb Obsaď a žer!

zaterdag, 26 juni

Really really free market: Obsaď a žer!

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Really really free market! What does it mean?
It’s a collectively created space where, at least for a moment, mutual care and sharing of resources and skills supersedes the seemingly inescapable reality of life under capitalism with its connected myths about scarcity and the inevitability of competition between human beings.

You can look forward to:
- freeshop
- vegan grill
- music
- yoga workshop
- beauty corner and DIY corner
- and more

What to bring along?
- musical instrument (if you play any)
- blanket (to sit on)
- tabletop games
- vegan/veggie/freegan food and drinks to share
- nice clothes and things you no longer use but someone can still enjoy

What to leave at home:
Any national/international/crypto currency, debit and credit cards and all notions of money or exchange value of things and services!

Even by Food Not Bombs Žižkov

Datum & tijd: 

zaterdag, 26 juni, 2021 - 16:30


  • eten
  • weggeefwinkel
  • bijeenkomst
  • muziek
  • party
  • werkplaats/diy


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Parukářka - grilovací místo
Na Parukářce 1
130 00 Praha

new crew around new infoshop and Food Not Bombs groups... still located in old good Žižkov quarter

web: (coming soon)

stay tuned


  • bar/café / boekwinkel/info shop/bibliotheek / cursus/workshop / discussie/presentatie / film / eten / bijeenkomst / werkplaats/diy

opening times: 

we'll see after september..