LAST EVER Voku Benefit for Legal Squatting Funds wth Radio Sonnabend - One Last Summer of Muiterij

zaterdag, 26 juni

LAST EVER Voku Benefit for Legal Squatting Funds wth Radio Sonnabend - One Last Summer of Muiterij

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By the end of the summer the last remaining house of Bajesdorp will be torn down. Though a sad milestone in strange times we will celebrate ... like there is no tomorrow!This Saturday our weekly voku from 15h till 20h. A 3 course vegan meal and you pay as you feel. All donations will go to De Muiterij Kollectief and its future actions as every end is a new beginning.During these last days of De Muiterij Kollectiev Radio Sonnabend will be hosting live radio events every Saturday starring some of our favorite dj's, bands, guests, anecdotes ...

For this memorable day we will have some fine cuisine chefs volunteering making good use of the waste food that we will rescue on Friday for a well deserved Vegan Volks Keuken occasion to make you leave with a good mouth taste of a last culinary experience at De Muiterij.

As a big deal of a matter, we want this benefit to be oriented to the squatting cause and to try to give space for discussion and rememberance of what it's been the origins and reasons for the free spaces of the city of Amsterdam to thrive and still function as havens for a marginalized majority pushed away by a threatening growing concrete jungle through the "legalization" of the so-called "affordable" housing market.
We would like the funds that we gather to be destined to support the people that needs to find dignity in this tortuous times of precarious living.

De Muiterij Kollectiev crew is finding it's way to a new beginning as a living community and we are very grateful for what this space and all the people who was part of keeping it alive is given us during these last years. 

As it was written in a big sign at one of the old Bajesdorp Festivals: "If every free space is regulated, where do we fly?..."

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zaterdag, 26 juni, 2021 - 15:00 tot 23:00


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De Muiterij - Vrijplaats Bajesdorp
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 46
1096AN Amsterdam


Metro station Spaklerweg. Neem de uitang aan de kant van de Wenckebachweg en buig direct na verlaten van het metrostation rechtsaf. Volg het avontuurlijke pad tussen spoordam en gevangenis tot in Bajesdorp (ca.5 min.)

As of July 2021 our social centre 'De Muiterij' will be taken down to make space for our new-to-build freespace. In two years we will have our own, collective, autonomous, solidair and unselleable living/working space that will stay permanently.


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