Jardin cité de Fontaine Lestang

Jardin cité de Fontaine Lestang

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February 2021, the gardens rue de Caen, Fontaine Lestang district are in danger.
It is a small garden that smells good the city, a collective space of market gardening open to everything. Left abandoned for fifteen years by its owner, Toulouse Métropole Habitat. For a year now, it has become a space for exchange, conviviality, and mutual well-being in this constraining context of a state of health emergency. Gardeners work there, residents are supportive, children walk their parents, it is a future educational ground for the nearby school.
For the municipality and Toulouse Métropole Habitat, is an autonomous and joyful cultural project admissible in these times of generalized constraints?
They had proposed a temporary occupancy agreement pending the start of work, a phantom project (no building permit has been filed to date). They prefer to lie and send a company to fence off the beans, cabbage, broccoli and artichokes... waiting for spring.
The land to those who cultivate it!


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Jardin cité
rue de Caen, quartier Fontaine Lestang
31100 Toulouse


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